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Discover mapping resources for National Indigenous History Month

June is National Indigenous History Month, a time to reflect on the contributions of the Indigenous peoples in Canada. Discover ArcGIS Online resources that you can share with your students.

National Indigenous History Month is dedicated to learning about the history and contributions of the Indigenous peoples in Canada. We have put together a group of resources that you can share with your students. They include lessons, ready to use web maps and story maps, and data layers that will allow you to create your own web maps.

Web maps

  • Indigenous and European Settlements in Canada
  • Reserves and Land Claims of Indigenous People Living in Canada Map
  • Residential Schools and Reserves Canada Map
  • The Kanesatake Resistance Map
  • Total Population of Indigenous Peoples in Canada 2016 Map

Discover maps with information on Indigenous topics like reserves and land claims in Canada.

In the Map Viewer, you can search “ArcCanada Indigenous” to find these layers and use them to create your own web maps.

  • Aboriginal Land Types in Canada
  • Historical First Nations Treaties in Canada
  • Indigenous Population Information from Census Canada, 2016
  • Indigenous Peoples and European Settlement in Canada, 1630-1823
  • Northwest Passage


  • The Red River and North-West Rebellions/Resistance
  • The Indigenous Peoples in North America
  • James Bay Project
  • Interviewing Indigenous Elders
  • My Canada

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About the Author

Angela Alexander is a K-12 Education Resource Developer on the Esri Canada Education and Research team. She has over six years of experience working with educators across Canada. Angela is responsible for producing geographic information system (GIS) and curriculum specific resources, conducting and creating custom workshops for educators and judging and developing the question for the annual GIS Skills Ontario competition in Waterloo, Ontario. Angela has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Sociology from the University of Western Ontario and completed the Applied Digital Geography and GIS certificate program at Ryerson University.

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