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K-12 Educators: New resources to try out before the summer break

With a few weeks left of school, it’s a perfect time to check out our new resources. Find out why you should try them and where you can find them on the Esri Canada K-12 website.

In our commitment to support K-12 educators using GIS in their teaching, we have created three new resources that they can use with their students before the end of the school year. They can be found on the Esri Canada K-12 Resource Finder.

Teachers who have the basics of ArcGIS Online should try our new Survey123 resources! They include a webinar video and a tutorial outlining the steps on how to get started with the Survey123 for ArcGIS Web designer. As the weather is getting warmer, it’s a great time to get your students outside to collect data. Explore the results in a collaborative web map, graphs, charts and tables. Before you begin to build your survey, think carefully about the type of questions you would like to ask the individuals who will be filling it out. Here are a few examples:

  • Are you building a collaborative map on where students’ ancestors are from?
  • Are you interested in how a community has been affected by climate change?
  • Are you gathering information about the health and location of trees at your school?

Create a class survey using Survey123, and bring your students out of the class to collect data!

Teachers looking for resources on global development and quality of life topics can try out the new Human Development Index (HDI) lesson with their students. HDI’s a scale that uses statistics for life expectancy, education and per capita income to rank countries into four tiers of development. In this lesson, students are tasked with creating a map to present components of the HDI and to consider how they relate to assessing quality of life around the world.

Use the HDI lesson to explore global statistics for life expectancy, education and per capita income. 

Are you a K12 educator in Canada who is new to ArcGIS Online? Sign up today for a free Canadian education account at

If you have any questions or comments about our resources, feel free to contact us at

About the Author

Angela Alexander is a K-12 Education Resource Developer on the Esri Canada Education and Research team. She has over six years of experience working with educators across Canada. Angela is responsible for producing geographic information system (GIS) and curriculum specific resources, conducting and creating custom workshops for educators and judging and developing the question for the annual GIS Skills Ontario competition in Waterloo, Ontario. Angela has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Sociology from the University of Western Ontario and completed the Applied Digital Geography and GIS certificate program at Ryerson University.

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