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7 ArcGIS resources for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with ArcGIS! Check out our list of 7 ArcGIS resources that will get students to explore and analyse topics related to the natural world and their community.

Earth Day is around the corner! It’s time to “Invest in our Planet” by reflecting on the importance of the environment and our natural world. This post highlights 7 ArcGIS resources that cover current topics related to the environment and activities that encourage us to consider our impact on the earth through analysis and exploration.

A “Planet Earth First” poster with a heart shaped map.

Earth Day 2022’s theme is “Invest in our Planet.” Image: Photo by Photo Boards on Unsplash

Lessons and Activities to get you thinking about the environment and the community you live in!


GIS for Wildlife Conservation
In this Career Path Series on GIS for Wildlife Conservation, you will get a snapshot of how GIS is used to make informed decisions about protecting wildlife.

How Green is your Neighbourhood?
In this lesson, you will explore your neighbourhood/school block using a map to discover negative and positive contributors to climate change.

Do I Live in a Complete Community?
In this lesson, you will explore and analyse your community to look for features that make up a "Complete Community" - a place where most of your daily needs are fulfilled in terms of where you live, study and play.


The Arctic Ocean
In this activity, you will explore the Arctic Ocean, the importance of Arctic Sea ice, and how the Earth's changing climate impacts both Arctic and global systems.

How do you Move?
This activity examines the way we move from one place to another in our daily lives and how we can lessen our impact on the environment by the choices we make daily.

Map of How do you move activity.

Cool Story Maps that cover climate change and other relevant topics!

ArcGIS Living Atlas Indicators of the Planet
ArcGIS Living Atlas Indicators of the Planet provides a great location for finding some of the most current information covering a variety of environmental and social topics.

Hot Numbers
This story map covers human impacts, including climate change, habitat destruction, and resource consumption, that are threatening the health of the natural systems upon which we all depend for our long-term well-being.

New to ArcGIS Online?

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Check out the following beginner resources to get started with ArcGIS Online:

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Using ArcGIS Online and want to learn more?

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