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Maps selected for the 2021 Esri Canada Map Calendar

There were lots of amazing map submissions this year, but there are only so many months in a year!  Find out which maps made it to the calendar.

Thank you to all who participated in our annual Map Calendar contest. We debated on whether to host it during the pandemic, but we’re pleased that we pushed through with it.

We received many beautiful map submissions and picked 14 for the 2021 calendar.

Ranging from different topics, each map was selected for its visual appeal and effective use of cartography to tell a story.

Explore each map by clicking on the links below.

January: Surviving in the Arctic: A Look at Inuit Culture
Individual:  Jessica Rose, Student, Fleming College

February: Caribou Herd Ranges of the Dawson Planning Region
Organization: Yukon Land Use Planning Council

March: Geographic and Temporal Distribution of COVID-19 in Québec
Organization: Laval University

April: A Focus on Drumheller, Vegetation Inventory
Organization: Drumheller Resiliency and Flood Mitigation Office

May: Open Pit Progression, Rainy River Mine
Organization: New Gold Inc. Environment (GIS Team)

June: Cabbagetown & Moss Park — One Storey Laneway Suite Eligibility
Individual: Jason Kieffer, Student, British Columbia Institute of Technology

July: KDCFS Bjerkness/Kaslo/Shutty Landscape Level Wildfire Plan-2019
Organization: Upwest Geomatics

August: Summer 2019 vs 2020 Visitor Change for Toronto Super Regional Malls
Organization: Environics Analytics Data Solutions

September: American Kestrel
Organization: City of Waterloo IMTS

October: Move-Up Modelling - Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency
Organization: Halifax Regional Municipality/Halifax Fire

November: LiDAR for Vegetation Management
Organization: Elexicon Energy OT & Innovation

December: Explore Central Map
Organization: Town of Truro

January 2022: Okanagan Mainstem Flood Mapping - Floodplain Map
Organization: Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd.

Featured Map: Project Pandemic: Canada Reports on COVID-19
Organization: Institute for Investigative Journalism

Congratulations to all whose maps were selected this year!

Map calendars will be in the mail in January. Stay tuned for our 2022 map calendar contest. More information will be available on our website in the spring.

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