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Okanagan Mainstem Flood Mapping—Floodplain Map

Month: January 2022 (as part of the 2021 Map Calendar)
Organization: Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd.
Products: ArcMap
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Northwest Hydraulic Consultants was retained by the Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) to develop comprehensive floodplain mapping for the Okanagan River and Mainstem Lakes and to improve the understanding of flood management options in the face of climate change. Project results have been made available by OBWB ( Floodplain maps depict flood inundation extents and flood construction levels determined from riverine hydraulic modelling and lake wave modelling. Additional flood hazard mapping shows flood depth and velocity. Mapping products included a series of 116 large-format conventional flood map sheets and flood map layers added to the client’s Web GIS application for flood mapping.