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From A to B(eyond); Routing Optimization for Delivery Services of All Sizes

April 26, 2018 - Today there are many products and services travelers can use to determine routing options to their destinations. Our smartphones have made this task nearly ubiquitous. Most include ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival), traffic congestion updates and even suggestions on what mode of transportation is the best choice. Add the complexity of routing several vehicles and you have fewer solutions available to help you manage the process. When those vehicles have dozens of stops to make throughout the day with delivery commitment windows or in-route updates, the options are incredibly slim. Highly skilled dispatchers are good at this task; they have years of experience to draw upon but even the best dispatch can benefit from suggestions of how to optimize their fleet routing. Being able to account for vehicle running costs, cargo weight limits, order pairs and/or road closures, ‘delivers’ new efficiencies and cost savings that are realized every single day. This webinar on fleet optimization will examine how you can leverage cloud services to perform routing tasks from a small operation all the way to complex multi-vehicle, multi-restriction, time-limited optimization. We will demonstrate how easy it is to run multiple scenarios to identify the best routing solution based on a variety of criteria. We will then illustrate how easily you can deliver those routing packages in a variety of ways (turn by turn, maps with overlay traffic, etc.) so drivers can use them as they prefer and as easily as any simple smartphone routing app. During the webinar, we experienced issues sharing our mobile demonstration. We apologize for the inconvenience but have re-recorded that portion of the webinar.