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Season 1 | Episode 1: Our First Podcast - Starring Maggie, Mark, and Monitor

Season 1 | Episode 1: Our First Podcast - Starring Maggie, Mark, and Monitor

Our first show highlights the latest in ArcGIS Monitor and the value of spatial analytics

In this episode, we are going to learn about ArcGIS Monitor – the tool that provides proactive system monitoring of your enterprise GIS with Derek Law, Product Manager at Esri. Then we will be talking all things analysis with the original GeoGeek, or should we say GIS Geek!  

What's Making Us ‘Mappy’ [03:39]  

Our hosts share one cool thing that is catching their eye in the world of ArcGIS.  

Mark reviews ArcGIS for Teams which integrates map creation and content sharing within the Microsoft Teams collaborative environment.  

Maggie gives some love for performing analysis in the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer, including analysis history which tracks which tools have been run. 

Inside the Arc [09:04] 

Feature interview that takes our audience inside an Esri product or capability.  

Just as you monitor your body to ensure it runs as optimally as possible, the same thing goes for the health of your GIS enterprise. The product manager of ArcGIS Monitor will walk us through what the product is, how proactive management works, and the enhancements made with the latest ArcGIS Monitor 2023 release.  

Guest: Derek Law, Product Manager for ArcGIS Monitor at Esri Inc. (LinkedIn, Twitter)  

GeoGeeks [16:41]  

Rotation of Esri Canada panelists share what's new in ArcGIS technology.  

For our first pod, we invite the inspiration behind the GeoGeeks to discuss the renewed emphasis on spatial analysis and data science, the shift from Task GIS to Question GIS, and the four types of data analytics. 

Guest: Chris North, Director of Technology Adoption at Esri Canada (LinkedIn, Twitter)  

M versus M [31:36]  

Our hosts quiz each other about all things ArcGIS and GIS.  

In the inaugural game of MvM, you get to learn more about Maggie and Mark as they ask questions about themselves and their GIS backgrounds.  

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