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Episode 5: Level Up with Arcade

Season 1 | Episode 5 : Level Up with Arcade

Go inside the Arcade expression language and find out what’s new in ArcGIS Pro 3.1

The August 2023 episode of the Spatial Report podcast has got a little something for everyone in our ArcGIS community. Paul Barker from Esri Inc. joins us to go Inside the Arc, or should we say, Inside the Arcade – Esri's flexible expression language used throughout the ArcGIS system. Alison O’Brien goes into full GeoGeek mode, sharing her favourite new features in the latest release of ArcGIS Pro. And we wrap with an epic new game that will revolutionize GIS trivia forever! 

What's Making Us Mappy [01:38]  

Our hosts share one cool thing that is catching their eye in the world of ArcGIS. 

For this edition of WMUM, we share highlights from the 2023 Esri User Conference in San Diego. 

Maggie gives props to an exciting new addition for ArcGIS Dashboards that many of you have been asking for. With dashboard mobile views, you can now create a dashboard that is optimized for viewing on smartphones and mobile devices. 

Mark shows his local pride for an AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) demonstration by PCL Construction on the main plenary stage. The presentation shows how ArcGIS is being used in the building of the new St. Paul’s Hospital campus in Vancouver. 

Inside the Arc [06:45]  

Feature interview that takes our audience inside an Esri product or capability.  

If you have worked with ArcGIS in the last little while, you’ve probably heard of ArcGIS Arcade, our flexible expression language that allows you to work with your data in real time. To learn more about what Arcade is and what it can do for you, we are joined by Paul Barker, who works extensively with Arcade and has written numerous articles for the ArcGIS Blog.  

Guest: Paul Barker, Product Engineer at Esri’s Centre of Geographic Sciences in Ottawa (LinkedIn)  

GeoGeeks [20:01]  

Rotation of Esri Canada panelists share what's new in ArcGIS technology.  

We saved our ArcGIS Pro GeoGeek for last, as we welcome Alison O’Brien to the GeoGeeks family.  Today Alison shares the most noteworthy new features and enhancements in ArcGIS Pro 3.1, our signature desktop solution.  Included in her favourites list: scale-based label sizing, the calculate composite index tool, catalog layers, and pie charts

Guest: Alison O'Brien, ArcGIS Support Consultant at Esri Canada (LinkedIn) 

M versus M [28:54]  

Our hosts quiz each other about all things ArcGIS and GIS.  

Today’s MvM debuts a new game that will sweep the nation – Tool or Fool.  Mark challenges Maggie to find real ArcGIS Pro geoprcoessing tools in the Editor toolbox.  Don’t be fooled, it’s harder than you think! 

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