Mark Ho

Mark Ho is a Technology Solutions Specialist with Esri Canada in Vancouver. His mission statement is simple: to share his serious love of mapping (without being too serious). Mark nurtured his passion with a civil engineering degree from University of British Columbia and a GIS diploma from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. He then spent 13+ years as an instructor with Esri Inc., travelling across America and teaching everything from attributes to z-coordinates. In 2011, Mark returned north, where you may have seen him at our user conferences and webinars. Between demos, you can find him collecting maps, exploring the world, listening to Coldplay—and collecting more maps.

  • 10 things I like about ArcGIS Online

    10 things I like about ArcGIS Online

    ArcGIS Online is Esri’s powerful, web-based GIS. Discover 10 interesting capabilities that are worth exploring.

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