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News Roundup - September 2019

What practices make geospatial leaders different from the rest? Curious about September’s App of the Month? How are assessors using accurate geo-enabled data to build more equitable valuations? Find out these and more in this month’s News Roundup.

Feature Stories

App of the Month: Concrete jungle: Urban expansion and the rise of the megacity

This app, created by Spencer Elford, a student from McMaster University, explores megacities and how the urban environment has shaped our modern world.

What separates geospatial leaders from the rest

A new study from IDC Canada indicates that commitment to a set of 14 essential practices differentiates organizations that use geospatial data and analytics to compete and win. 

Property characteristics driving real estate values

Over the years, the business landscape for property appraisers and assessors has been steadily evolving. While the utility of legacy systems such as CAMA continues to support the assessment process, the significance of data therein and its integrity has acquired a new dimension in this evolution. How can we empower assessors with accurate geo-enabled data to build more equitable valuations?

Top 3 reasons to START using ArcGIS Pro now! Reason #1 revealed.

Drum roll… The #1 reason you should consider using ArcGIS Pro is: It’s tight integration with Web GIS. ArcGIS Pro provides a unique experience to seamlessly update 2D and 3D web layers and easily share and collaborate within your organization and across organizations, using ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS.

Different road networks, one location referencing system to manage them all

While every agency charged with managing roads does it a little differently, the underlying philosophy remains the same. Read on to find out what is different, what is the same, and how you can quantify ROI when you modernize your data management methodology for your road network.

Story Map: City of Kelowna plans future growth with GIS

Find out how the City of Kelowna was able to integrate various data, produce 3D visualizations of growth scenarios and enable better analysis to plan future growth with GIS.

Esri Canada News

New study shows many Canadian organizations lag in location intelligence
August 12, 2019

Esri News

Esri selected to join group on Earth observations as associate member organization
August 28, 2019

Esri releases green infrastructure planning book
August 9, 2019

New Book from Esri illustrates how GIS can enrich scientific research
August 9, 2019

Esri unveils new research & development centre in Barcelona, Spain
August 8, 2019


ArcNorth News: Explore Burlington – More than just a map

From road networks to facilities, municipalities offer an abundance of data to the public. But, without the right tools, it’s hard for citizens to take advantage, leaving much of the data unused. What are municipalities doing to leverage data as well as GIS tools and resources to improve their residents’ quality of life?

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WhereNext Magazine: A modern labour renaissance: Where is it happening?

WhereNext is Esri’s digital magazine for business leaders. In this article, find out some of the signs pointing to a resurgence of union activity across the US. Executives with reliable location intelligence can forecast the trend for better business planning.

Esri & The Science of Where Podcast: How a geospatial strategy drives digital transformation

Today, many governments and businesses are adopting a location strategy to drive growth and prevent disruptions. Hear Brian Cross, Director of Professional Services at Esri, explain the importance of location intelligence in modernizing organizations.


Video: Maintenance management using the Workforce Starter Solution

With the Workforce Starter Solution (WSS), we put the power in the hands of the mobile worker. Want to see it in action? In this clip, we follow a maintenance activity for an ongoing roads patrol program. For a complete overview of the solution, visit the WSS page or watch the rest of the video here.