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News Roundup — March 2018

How was Singapore built in hours? How can you leverage data to drive economic development? Find out these and more in the March News Roundup.

Feature Stories

Building Singapore in hours
To build a city, you must first start with its “spine” — its roads. The roads leading into it, out of it and within it. Walk with me as I tell you the story of VELOCITY, a virtual environment software solution created by Presagis, an Esri silver-tier partner based out of Montréal, Québec.

March’s App of the Month: Food, Water and 7 Billion People
March’s App of the Month is “Food, Water and 7 Billion people” a story map by Karl Chastko from McMaster University. Learn how geographic information systems (GIS) can help improve our understanding of the role water plays in food production around the world.

The Marriage of GIS and BIM sets the stage for a happily ever after future
The marriage of GIS and BIM (Building Information Modeling) has been a long time coming, and we are ready to embrace the potential of bringing these two powerful capabilities together. Recent announcements by Esri and Autodesk have stirred up new ideas and excitement.

Which Web GIS project are you embarking on in 2018?
Do you know that the latest ArcGIS solutions can help you and your clients be more productive? Read this blog to find out how new and innovative web apps can make a difference in your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Exploring Web GIS: How is data different from content?
Do you know the difference between data and content in a Web GIS Portal? Why would you use one over the other? Read this blog to find out the difference between the two, plus where to look for Canadian Web GIS content.

Community Maps

The imagery and vector tile basemaps were updated in February with more Canadian content. There are now 18 Canadian contributors who have their data included in the current vector tile basemaps, including the federal government and two provinces. More contributors are being added each month. Find out what’s new.

Esri Canada News

Behind the scenes: How software used for city planning helped create a futuristic Las Vegas for Oscar-winning Blade Runner 2049
March 5, 2018

Esri’s CityEngine Used to Create Oscar-Nominated Effects in “Blade Runner 2049”
February 26, 2018

ArcGIS Apps in the News

'Tiny trash' a big problem for Canada's shorelines
By Ieva Lucs, CBC News, Feb 23, 2018 (includes story map by Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup)

Canada's Boutin wins silver in women's 1,000 short track
CTV News (story from Canadian Press), February 22, 2018 (includes dashboard app: Canadian Olympic Medalists - Where are they from?)

Interactive map: Where to find Victoria's cherry blossoms
CTV News Vancouver Island, February 18, 2018 (includes web map by City of Victoria)

Esri News

Esri Releases Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS
February 7, 2018

Esri Releases New ArcGIS Updates for 2018
February 6, 2018


ArcNorth News: iCity: 3D Geovisualization for Toronto's Digital Future
ArcNorth News is Esri Canada’s digital magazine covering Canadian GIS successes using Esri technology.   Discover how the City of Toronto is tackling population growth and rapid urbanization with iCity, a $4.9- million initiative meant to develop and apply advanced data analysis and visualization capabilities. 

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WhereNext Magazine: Your Smart City Needs a Chief Analytics Officer
WhereNext is Esri’s new digital magazine for business leaders. In this article, Amen Ra Mashariki, former chief analytics officer for New York who now leads urban analytics at Esri, says a truly smart city improves the quality of life and the climate for business by analyzing data to make good decisions in real time on a range of critical issues. Find out how a chief analytics officer (CAO) helps make cities smarter.

Esri & The Science of Where Podcast: Driving Economic Development by Identifying the Right Data, Right Decisions
The goal of the series is to help executives and leaders in industry and government understand how modern GIS technology enables digital transformation and drives growth. In this featured podcast, Braulio Oliveira, CIO at Winrock International, explains how location intelligence, analytics and technology drive global economic development in communities and cities.


Axel Grael, Niteroi City
In just four years, Niteroi City, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, transformed from a municipality without a GIS, to being on the fast track in becoming a smart city. By implementing a GIS, they are now able to increase collaboration between city departments, helping the city to provide services more efficiently to their population. Discover how ArcGIS helps build smart communities.