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Continuing education on the ArcGIS Platform: a winning solution for Québec’s employers

When you include any of Esri Canada’s courses in your annual training program, you can be assured of the best return on your investment in GIS technology. Also, Esri Canada is accredited by the Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity, which regulates the certification of trainers, training organizations and training services. Our annual training plan offers a complete understanding of new technology and best practices to follow for each ArcGIS component, and hence benefits your organization’s business needs directly.

The “1% Law”

In Québec, any enterprise with a total payroll of $2 million or more must conform to the Workforce Skills Act, also known as the “1% law”.  It requires that over the course of a calendar year, the enterprise must invest the equivalent of at least 1% of their total payroll in training initiatives geared towards their staff’s professional development.

Continuing Education recognized by the Québec Professional Orders

In addition, if you or your employees are members of a professional order, and that the use of ArcGIS is an important part of your professional activities, you could take Esri Canada training courses and file those training hours on your Declaration of Continuing Education form. Validate the details with your respective order directly and we will provide all the necessary information for training and a participation certificate after you have successfully completed the training.

The Benefits

Since the ArcGIS platform is constantly evolving, it requires a commitment to continuous learning which helps you keep pace with innovations and updates in the field of GIS, and find out where and how your organization can benefit from GIS technology. Our training solutions are fully aligned with the continuous evolution of ArcGIS platform in all its different facets.

Taking one of our courses will help you:

  • Better manage spatial data for a unified approach to updates and publishing
  • Use GIS analysis tools efficiently for intelligent decision-making
  • Configure web apps to give stakeholders uniform access to reliable data
  • Automate workflows to improve efficiency and decrease operations costs
  • Plan for sustainability in system architecture and reduce the costs of potential migration requirements, and much more.

Our Continuing Education Solutions

Check out our Course Catalogue and the Fall Course Schedule for current offerings. If you do not see the course you wish to take on our schedule, let us know at We will do our best to fulfill your requirements.

Esri Canada also offers customized courses to align with your specific needs and budgetary limitations. When planning to train an entire team, you can consider the option of requesting for a mobile lab at your location for a nominal fee.

Contact Us

Don’t hesitate to contact me directly at for information on our training solutions or to develop a continuous training plan or customized training; or contact your account manager and we will work together to define the best solution for you.

Plan your employees’ 2017 training activities on the ArcGIS platform today to avoid having to pay the unused amount to the Contribution to the Workforce Skills Development and Recognition Fund and come out ahead with new technological skills.

About the Author

Carole Arseneau is a Sales Representative at Esri Canada. She advises customers from all industries on how to use GIS technology to be more efficient in their daily workflows. Carole holds a GIS certificate from Florida State College in Jacksonville and a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology from Laval University in Québec City. Being by the water has always made her feel at home and has given her inspiration to keep a positive outlook in life.

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