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Canadian Partner Successes at the 2022 Esri Partner Conference

Being in person to celebrate our partners at the Esri Partner Conference (EPC) in Palm Springs, California felt great! Seeing longtime colleagues, business partners and friends while discussing innovation, challenges in the world and the impact and opportunity for GIS and our community was fantastic.

Having just returned from the Esri Partner Conference (EPC) in Palm Springs, California, I’m completely energized! Coincidentally, attending the very same conference in 2020, just as the first wave of COVID-19 was hitting, was my last business trip. It was great to be back.

Jack Dangermond stands onstage in front of a wall of brightly coloured screens. The screens show close-ups of Jack as well as his slide show for the Esri Partner Conference 2022.

Opening of the Esri Partner Conference 2022

If you couldn’t attend in person, but registered or signed up for EPC digital access, you have access to videos including the plenary and a few sector sessions on partnering opportunities from the event page. That is all available until May 5, 2022.

Always a highlight of EPC is recognition of our partners. At the conference, two Canadian companies were celebrated for their work in GIS, R. J. Burnside & Associates Limited (Burnside) and VertiGIS. They are both now Cornerstone Partners, a status which recognizes their 20-year partnership with Esri but also their continued evolution of their use of Esri software.

Burnside was honoured to receive an Esri Cornerstone Partner Award, according to Arunas Kalinauskas, business manager asset management / GIS with Burnside. In their delivery of asset management solutions and services to local government public works audiences, and our mutual customers, they use “Esri GIS location intelligence technology to implement spatial data collection, modelling, analysis and mapping on many of our client projects”.

For 50 years, from their 10 offices across Canada, Burnside has consistently provided high-caliber engineering and environmental consultative solutions and services to their customers. And they keep innovating.

They recently developed Burnside Mobile, a new solution built using ArcGIS technology. It’s an all-in-one, web-based road patrolling and inspection solution that records, reports, communicates and closes out deficiencies, for faster, better reporting, saving time and money while ensuring that performance measures are met. 

Burnside is ahead of the curve with this. Ontario is currently the only province demanding compliance with provincial regulations legislating road care, but that is likely to spread and Burnside is ready to help communities across the country if it does.

Burnside Mobile also works with CityWorks, providing a comprehensive solution for local governments to make better and quicker asset management decisions and protect municipalities from potential liabilities tied to aging infrastructure.

Burnside Mobile is currently selling in Canada but plans to expand into the Great Lakes states (Ohio, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania) and Trinidad and Tobago.

Kees van Loo, CEO VertiGIS; Jack Dangermond, President Esri; Drew Millen, CTO VertiGIS; Jay Terrill, Partner Manager Esri Canada

Kees van Loo, CEO VertiGIS; Jack Dangermond, President Esri; Drew Millen, CTO VertiGIS; Jay Terrill, Partner Manager Esri Canada

VertiGIS was not only recognized as a Cornerstone Partner but also as a leading GIS software developer. At the EPC, they also were awarded the Web GIS Transformation Award.

VertiGIS develops software solutions and services that help utilities, land management, public sector, energy, telecommunications and industry customers build bridges between their business processes and location technology. The VertiGIS product portfolio is used by thousands of customers and millions of end users around the world and is designed to enhance the capabilities of leading mapping software, most notably ArcGIS.

The Esri partners who received the Web GIS Transformation Award at the conference demonstrated exceptional work in advancing GIS technology, building innovative and creative ways to solve complex problems by using ArcGIS software. 

VertiGIS won for their exceptional achievement in evolving customers and solutions to the Web GIS pattern with SaaS.

“Our team is thrilled and honored to receive the Web GIS Transformation Award at this year’s Esri Partner Conference,” said Drew Millen, VertiGIS’s chief technology officer. “This award acknowledges significant strides our customers are making with us to deploy cutting-edge SaaS web applications. The Web GIS apps our customers are building expose hundreds of thousands of new users to GIS data and capabilities, and they continue to impress us every day.”

VertiGIS has empowered organizations around the world by making it easier to build GIS apps. Their industry-leading Web GIS app development framework, VertiGIS Studio, provides a suite of robust capabilities, including a powerful workflow creation engine, state-of-the-art reporting and printing tools, and cloud-based web and mobile viewers that let users build powerful, visually stunning GIS apps in the cloud.

VertiGIS was the first partner to release ArcGIS Online hosted widgets, allowing ArcGIS Online users to leverage the capabilities of the three most popular VertiGIS Studio products in their ArcGIS Web AppBuilder apps.

As a Platinum Partner VertiGIS stays closely aligned with Esri’s newest products, giving our mutual customers a powerful combination of technologies to advance their GIS projects. When our customers are using VertiGIS software they can be confident that it will work seamlessly with the latest in Esri’s GIS technology.

Congratulations to both these Canadian winners!

This post was translated to French and can be viewed here.

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Paul Salah provides leadership for the Esri Partner Network and strategic alliances for Esri Canada. His focus is on developing the Esri partner ecosystem in Canada, helping commercial partners leverage geography and the ArcGIS platform to enhance their solutions and services with location intelligence. Paul has worked as a GIS professional for over 25 years, helping organizations leverage Esri technology and its global community.

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