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My Esri Highlight: Viewing Training Records

Keeping tabs on your training records is a handy mechanic in My Esri. With this functionality, you can review your training journey with our Esri Academy courses. If you are an instructor or trainer, you can view your students or employees' training records. This blog will highlight the My Esri functionality regarding the Training tab. It will showcase the search and reporting functionality. 

Changes to My Esri

My Esri is a self-service portal that allows you to manage your organization's information. Are you stepping into My Esri for the first time? Take the free My Esri 101 course, now available from the Course Catalog on Esri's Training Academy.

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About Esri Academy

Whether you’re brand-new to ArcGIS or a seasoned GIS professional who wants to master the latest technology, we have the resources to help you achieve your goals.

Anyone can access free e-Learning resources by signing up with an ArcGIS account. If you don’t have an account, follow the instructions here.

If you have a product that includes a current Esri maintenance subscription, such as ArcGIS for Personal Use or ArcGIS for Student Use, you have unlimited access to all e-Learning. Find a resource in the Catalog, then sign in to start learning.

If you don't have a product with maintenance but you work for or attend school at an organization that does, you will need to request e-Learning access. Your organization’s My Esri or ArcGIS Online administrator can enable access for you. If you don’t know who your administrator is, use this form to request e-Learning access.

You can view your individual training history, search the course catalog, activate a course, and more on the Esri Academy

Viewing Training Records

Within the My Esri ribbon select the Training tab then Training Records, as shown in the screenshot below.

My Esri website with the Training tab underlined in red with the Training Records encased in a red box outline.

Your training records will be available to you. If you are an administrator for your organization and you wish to review your staff’s records.

You can search by the title of the course to see who completed it. To search by title, select the By Title tab and either use Quick Search or scroll down the list to find the course. 

My Esri website with the Training tab showcasing the quick search.

You can create a report of the training records by selecting the Report button. Then use the filter options on each of the columns for a customized report. You then have the option to export this report to Excel. 

My Esri website with the Training Reports generating on the course “ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes”

You can also search by username, view which courses the user took, and when they have completed the course. When each section of the course is finished, the course will be marked as completed. Again, there is an option to Export to Excel.

My Esri website with the By Person tab selected, showcasing the number of courses completed by the user with the start, completed and latest activity dates.

Web courses, seminars, videos, and much more are yours to explore—whenever and from wherever you like. Get the most value from your organization’s ArcGIS investment by ensuring your workforce has easy access to resources that will help them be productive quickly and continually grow their skills.

About the Author

Amanda De Medeiros is a Senior Support Enablement Consultant at Esri Canada. She provides support for enterprise customers and internal staff by identifying issues, troubleshooting software, developing workarounds and providing knowledge transfers. Amanda has a BA in Geography and Environmental Studies from McMaster University and a GIS post-graduate degree from Niagara College. Her interest in geography developed from city building and strategy games.

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