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Getting Technical - May 2023

How to convert a 2D pipeline to a 3D model with ArcGIS Pro? How to map and assess accessible crosswalks using ArcGIS for Excel? What are the new ways to collaborate and engage your community with ArcGIS Hub? How to set the feature drawing order in ArcGIS Pro? How to use Map Viewer media layers and feature or sketch layers to create image hotspots? How to build forms with ArcGIS Field Maps? What’s new in ArcGIS StoryMaps on ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1? What’s new in ArcGIS Image Dedicated?  Get answers to all these questions and more in this month’s edition of Getting Technical.


What's New in ArcGIS StoryMaps on ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 
With the ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 release, some exciting features have been added to ArcGIS StoryMaps. Check out some of our favorite highlights. 

What's New in ArcGIS Image Dedicated (May 2023) 
In our May 2023 release of ArcGIS Image Dedicated, we are introducing several enhancements and updates to the product. 

What’s new in ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 on Kubernetes 
ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 on Kubernetes is now available! Learn what is included with this release including containerized image services. 

What's New in ArcGIS QuickCapture (May 2023) 
Learn what's new in the May 2023 release of ArcGIS QuickCapture. Video recording, enhanced app linking and more! 

What's new in ArcGIS Indoors (April 2023) 
The latest release of ArcGIS Indoors brings many highly requested features in Indoors Viewer, Mobile, Space Planner and tools in ArcGIS Pro. 

What's New in ArcGIS Knowledge (2023 Q2) 
Support for Neo4j graph databases with user-managed data will enable users to hook up their existing Neo4j graph databases. Learn more! 

Presenting the first ever real-time weather alerts service for Canada 
A real-time weather alerts service for Canada is finally here! Updated every 15 minutes, this interactive service can be added to your app to provide the latest weather conditions. 

Going from 2D Pipeline to 3D Model with ArcGIS Pro 
Learn the best practices for converting a 2D pipeline to a 3D model with ArcGIS Pro. By sharing the 3D pipeline to a portal, you can visualize your pipeline in 3D and collaborate with team members in 360 Virtual Reality on your digital twin project. 

Mapping out the perfect journey with ArcGIS Network Analyst 
Learn how to get from point A to point B with ArcGIS Network Analyst route solver. 

What if the Nordiques returned to Québec City? 
The geographic approach can be used to measure the accessibility of public transit networks during major community events and to determine how to increase freedom of mobility for the citizens served by the transit network. 

Got five minutes? Get to know hexagons 
Why on earth is everyone talking about hexagons? 

Map and assess accessible crosswalks using ArcGIS for Excel 
Use ArcGIS for Excel to visualize accessibility points around Green Man signals. 

Use attributes as URL parameters in pop-up links 
Links in pop-ups can use attributes to pass parameters to websites to retrieve information. Here's how to construct them. 

Use URL parameters in ArcGIS Instant Apps 
Learn how URL parameters can be used to pass along additional information or instructions to ArcGIS Instant Apps. 

Announcing the new places service for developers (beta release) 
We are pleased to announce the beta release for the new places service. This is one of the latest services we’ve added to the family of ArcGIS location services for developers

The basemap styles service v2 is now in beta 
Check out the newest version of the basemap styles version, now in beta. 

Coming soon - new ways to collaborate and engage your community with ArcGIS Hub 
Learn about all the new tools and capabilities ArcGIS Hub is working on to modernize the way you collaborate and engage your community. 

Build forms with ArcGIS Field Maps 
Forms define the data mobile workers collect in the field. Learn how to build, organize, and customize forms using Field Maps Designer. 

From desk to field in 5 easy steps with Field Maps Designer 
Create a map for data collection using the Field Maps Designer web app. 

QA/QC workflow with branch versioned data 
Learn how to perform the same types of QA/QC workflows as traditional versioning. 

Operationalize Your Equity Index Layer: Next Steps for Utilities 
This blog explains how to operationalize your equity index and next steps for your utility network. 

Social Equity Analysis for Utilities: A Step-by-Step Guide 
Learn how to use the utility network to identify and address social equity issues in your community. 

Announcing support for CesiumJS and ArcGIS location services 
CesiumJS is now a fully supported library for building applications with ArcGIS location services. 

Alternative Fuel Stations Live Feeds now available in ArcGIS Living Atlas 
Alternative Fuel Stations Live Feeds now available in ArcGIS Living Atlas. 

Go Beyond the Smart Editor using Smart Forms 
Some things you couldn't do with the Smart Editor widget, but you can now do with Smart Forms. 

Try the Filter widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder 
Learn how to re-create the ribbon of filters from Boston's City Property Audit. 

Want to have your map seen by thousands? Enter the 2024 Map Calendar Contest  
Been working on a beautiful map that only a handful of people will see? Get it in front of thousands of GIS fans and map lovers by entering Esri Canada’s 2024 Map Calendar Contest. Winners will be featured in our 2024 print calendar and Map Calendar Hub. They’ll also receive a copy of Dawn J. Wright and Christian Harder’s GIS for Science, Volume 3: Maps for Saving the Planet. Contest closes on Friday, June 30 at 11:59 PM ET, so don’t wait—submit your map now!  

Geosnaps: Check out this video that shows how to set the feature drawing order in ArcGIS Pro  

Hot Tip: Use Map Viewer media layers and feature or sketch layers to create image hotspots 
Using media layers combined with feature or sketch layers, you can create image hotspots with links to just about anything you want. 

FAQ: How to make this map of a melting glacier  
Here's how to map Columbia Glacier's retreat over six years using ArcGIS Pro with data from Living Atlas apps. 


What's new in ArcGIS Production Mapping and ArcGIS Defense Mapping for Enterprise 11.1 

ArcGIS Monitor 2023.1 Now Available 

See What's New in the ArcGIS 2023 Q2 Release 

View more announcements in the ArcGIS Blog | My Esri on Esri Community 

Service Packs, Patches & Product Support Updates

New Technical Support Experience Now Live 
The new Technical Support experience provides answers about ArcGIS products quickly. Explore it for yourself! 

ArcGIS AppStudio Retirement Roadmap and Beyond 
AppStudio 5.5 will be a “Long-Term Support” (LTS) release of the product and the last major release of AppStudio. The ArcGIS AppStudio product will be officially retired in February 2025. 

ArcGIS Web AppBuilder Roadmap for Retirement 
ArcGIS Web App Builder is retiring, and we want to share the retirement timelines and details with you. While your ArcGIS Web AppBuilder apps that you have built will continue to work, Esri’s recommended path for taking advantage of new capabilities in ArcGIS as well as for staying abreast of the changes in browser technology is to migrate applications to ArcGIS Experience Builder. Read the article for the timelines and details. 

ArcGIS API for JavaScript, Version 3.x Retirement 
ArcGIS API 3.x for JavaScript will be retired on July 1, 2024. 

ArcMap Continued Support 
ArcGIS 10.8.2 is the current release of ArcMap and will continue to be supported until March 1, 2026, as established in the ArcGIS Desktop Product Life Cycle. This was a maintenance release only and does not include new functionality. This update does not extend the ArcGIS 10.8.x product life cycle. Esri does not have plans to release an ArcMap 10.9. The ArcMap Continued Support page, will be able to answer your questions regarding continued support of ArcMap as well as contains resources to help you transition your work moving forward into several Esri products such as ArcGIS Pro.  

Prepare for the retirement of ArcGIS for Office 
The 2022 User Conference marked the launch of ArcGIS for Microsoft 365, a single product that extends ArcGIS across components including Excel, Power BI, SharePoint, and Power Automate.  In order to streamline the offering, ArcGIS for Office is set to retire on June 1, 2023, and it will be replaced by ArcGIS for Excel.  

Portal for ArcGIS Security 2023 Update 1 Patch is now available 
Esri has released the Portal for ArcGIS Security 2023 Update 1 Patch that resolves multiple security vulnerabilities. 

ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.1 Edit Session With Custom Extension Patch 
If you are using a custom extension that modifies editing templates, this patch will prevent a crash that happens when restarting the edit session. 

ArcGIS Pro 3.1 Patch 1 (3.1.1) Announcement 
The ArcGIS Pro 3.1 Patch 1 (3.1.1) is now available for download. 

ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 Announcement 
ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 Issues Addressed list: 111-IssuesAddressedList_04072023.pdf 

Portal for ArcGIS Security 2023 Update 1 Patch 
Esri® announces the Portal for ArcGIS Security 2023 Update 1 Patch. Esri recommends that all customers using ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0, 10.9.1, 10.8.1 and 10.7.1 apply this patch. 

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server 10.9.1 Patch 4 (Windows | Linux) 
ArcGIS GeoEvent Server 10.9.1 Patch 4 is a general maintenance patch that addresses several issues, including persistent session log-in prompts on the site tab, the inability to export data from the spatiotemporal data store to Amazon S3, data retention where clauses not being honored, a condition where multiple GeoTagger processors causes gateway failure, and several resource and logging adjustments to the WebSocket transport. Esri recommends that all customers using ArcGIS GeoEvent Server 10.9.1 apply this patch. 

ArcGIS for INSPIRE 10.8.2 Patch 1 
This ArcGIS for INSPIRE (Desktop, Server) extension general maintenance patch improves INSPIRE compliance for view and download services as well as improves the geodatabase template for various data themes. We recommend all ArcGIS for INSPIRE customers download and install this patch at your earliest convenience to ensure the highest quality experience. 

ArcGIS for INSPIRE 10.8.1 Patch 3 
This ArcGIS for INSPIRE (Desktop, Server) extension general maintenance patch improves INSPIRE compliance for view and download services as well as improves the geodatabase template for various data themes. We recommend all ArcGIS for INSPIRE customers download and install this patch at your earliest convenience to ensure the highest quality experience. 

ArcGIS 10.9.1 Maritime Server extension Update 4 
This is a general maintenance patch for ArcGIS Maritime Server extension. Please download and install this patch at your earliest convenience. 

View more security patches 

Web Watch – Blogs, Podcasts and Useful Resources 

Map of the Month: Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve 
The purpose of this map is to classify the tree canopy height in the study area as less or greater than 4 m. The latter is the preferred nesting choice for the great blue heron. As a game, other species at risk have been “nested” within the map for the viewer to find. The tree canopy was calculated by extracting two surfaces from a LiDAR point cloud and subtracting the values of the ground from that of the trees. LiDAR is a remote sensing technique that allows us to collect information using light, often projected from a vehicle such as an aircraft. This technology can penetrate certain surfaces such as trees in order to collect multiple points on the way to the ground before returning to the sensor.  

Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve Map

Community Map of Canada – Style of the Month: "Patchwork Quilt”  

If you've ever looked out the window of an airplane and pretended that the forests and farmers' fields below you were part of a giant patchwork quilt, then this Community Map of Canada Style of the Month for May 2023 will certainly tap into that part of your imagination.  

In this "Patchwork Quilt" style, major cities are symbolized with sewing pins, buildings are 'embroidered' with different-coloured threads to symbolize different building classes, all borders and roads are symbolized with dashed lines resembling a running stitch along a quilt, and alongside the dotted and dashed stitched lines of the highways, the highway shields are symbolized with spools of thread and buttons.  

Water bodies and rivers are symbolized with blue gingham and jeans materials, while different land use types have been cartographically-quilted using different fabric materials: parks and green spaces are patched with various green lace and checkered fabrics, urban areas make use of a brown textured fabric, and all other land cover is symbolized with a white quilted batting fabric.  

Created by avid embroiderer and sewist, Emma Melis, this custom style for May 2023 was created using the ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor tool. You can find this style and many other creative styles in the Community Map of Canada basemap style gallery

The land mass of Canada is covered with a white quilted fabric. An image of a sewing machine is located beside the letters spelling 'CANADA' in the center of the country. Oceans and bodies of water have a blue gingham fabric design, and green spaces are made up of green tartan patches and green lace appliqués. Capital cities are symbolized with sewing pins beside the city name, and federal and provincial borders are made up of dashed lines resembling a running stitch along the quilt.

Spatial Report Podcast Season 1 | Episode 1 – Our First Podcast - Starring Maggie, Mark, and Monitor 
In this episode, we are going to learn about ArcGIS Monitor – the tool that provides proactive system monitoring of your enterprise GIS with Derek Law, Product Manager at Esri. Then we will be talking all things analysis with the original GeoGeek, or should we say GIS Geek!  

Don’t miss an episode. Get a quarterly roundup of resources sent right to your inbox by visiting our Communication Preference Centre and selecting “Getting Technical” under Esri Canada Blog Digests. 

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Building Web Apps with ArcGIS Experience Builder 
Learn how to build immersive web apps that take advantage of modern web design principles without requiring you to write code. This course shows you how to interactively create, configure and publish map-centric and data-centric web apps that feature your organization's content. This course is ideal for GIS professionals, web designers and others who want to create engaging, responsive web applications. 
View training solutions 

Esri Canada Seminars & Webinars 

Administering and Monitoring Your ArcGIS Organization 
May 25, 2023 

Are you looking to better monitor your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment? Ready to revamp your ArcGIS Online administration workflows? Join us as we explore all things administration and monitoring for your ArcGIS organization! On the ArcGIS Online side of things, we will dive into the built-in reporting tools to help you better understand the day-to-day activity of your organization. Looking to ArcGIS Enterprise, we’ll explore common workflows using ArcGIS Monitor to help you administer and optimize your deployment. Additionally, we’ll discuss key considerations when constructing your backup, recovery and upgrade plans for ArcGIS Enterprise. 

Automate Image Analysis with GeoAI and Deep Learning 
June 22, 2023 

Machine learning and deep learning and GeoAI, oh my! Join us to take the fear and unknown out of these topics by learning how to use ArcGIS Pro to leverage GeoAI tools within your imagery workflows. In this webinar, we will cover when and how to use the image classification and object detection tools in ArcGIS Pro. You will also learn how to get started with pre-trained deep-learning models to help streamline your workflows. 

View recorded seminars | View recorded webinars 

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