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Beat your competition in 2018 with GIS training

How many times have you thought of taking a course, procrastinated it to “next year” and that next year never came? Here are some steps on how to accomplish your training goals for 2018, and benefit from the tools, services and discounts available from Esri Canada.

Happy New Year everyone! Before I get started with my first post for 2018, I want to wish you the best of GIS accomplishments this year. And of course, the more you learn each day, the younger your brain remains. So, keep on learning!

With the ever-increasing competition and the ever-evolving technologies around us, learning new skills has become a necessity. More so in GIS. From Esri Canada President Alex Miller’s perspective, we’ve only seen the beginning of what “The Science of Where” could bring to our lives. So, if you have no plans to update your team’s skills regularly, your organization might be missing out on efficient and innovative solutions, and it may start feeling the heat from competitors who are advancing their skills and capabilities fast.

From an organizational viewpoint, your investment in ArcGIS technology will go a long way if your team performs better and faster.  Learning about new tools, improved processes, more efficient workflows and managing deployments intelligently will ensure that your organization stays current with industry trends. When it comes to an individual’s professional growth, upgrading GIS skills has great benefits. To compete in the job market, be promotable and stand out from the crowd, you need to continuously update your own skills and knowledge and that of others in your team. This, in turn, will translate into yours as well as your organization’s success.

This new year, launch a “lifelong learning mentality” – a commitment to continuously improve your knowledge and skills. 

When it comes to GIS, we can help you plan and accomplish your annual training resolutions. Check out the following educational resources available to you, and contact us if you need help in organizing your training programs successfully.

How to accomplish your annual training resolutions

Now that you are committed to lifelong learning, here are some key steps to accomplishing your annual training goals:

  1. Make a plan.
    1. Outline your requirements and identify relevant training programs.
    2. Set aside an appropriate budget.
    3. Identify a realistic timeline.
  2. Purchase Prepaid Training to ensure you have budget for courses throughout the year.
  3. Register for courses ahead of time as much as possible.
  4. Attend the course (if not self-paced).
  5. Complete it with success.

If you need help determining your training requirements, talk to us. After assessing your requirements and budget, we can recommend the right courses and help you create a learning path for yourself or your team to match a project’s deliverable, budget and timeline.

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Take advantage of our prepaid training offer

A preferred choice for many organizations, prepaid training can help you secure annual training budget for your organization. It takes the hassle out of the administrative processes involved in ad-hoc training requests. On top of that, you receive a 15% discount on standard course prices with any prepaid training purchase when you buy a minimum of 14 days of standard courses, which can be taken within a 12-month period.

At the very least, prepaid training ensures your organization receives two free training days per year. Sweet!

With the right learning path, expert trainers and your commitment to make 2018 a great year for learning, your organization can raise its performance and ultimately, its overall profitability. And we’re here to support you throughout your learning process. Contact us by leaving a comment below or email us at

About the Author

Carole Arseneau is a Sales Representative at Esri Canada. She advises customers from all industries on how to use GIS technology to be more efficient in their daily workflows. Carole holds a GIS certificate from Florida State College in Jacksonville and a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology from Laval University in Québec City. Being by the water has always made her feel at home and has given her inspiration to keep a positive outlook in life.

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