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Feature-to-Feature Editing of Related Records

In this fifth and final video of this GeoSnaps series, we will take edits of related records in Map Viewer to the next level with feature-to-feature editing. In this case, we can add new features then add related features. The workflow to create this is very similar to the feature-to-table relationship we highlighted in the previous videos.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

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Part 5 - (this video) Have a question about ArcGIS Online?

Ask in the Comments below. Learn more about feature-to-feature editing in Map Viewer using the ArcGIS Blog link below:

0:00 – Introduction

0:15 – Review of the scenario

0:40 – Introduce the concept of a feature-to-feature relationship

0:55 – Recap the high-level steps to set up related records editing for Map Viewer

1:36 – Use the Edit tool in Map Viewer to perform feature-to-feature editing


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