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Advance your team’s skill development in 2024

Now that the new year is well under way, you’re likely thinking about ways to advance your team in 2024. But how are we meant to increase our teams’ productivity, keep up with rapid changes in technology and align team members’ development with organizational business goals—all while keeping within tight training budgets?

In 2024, the answer might surprise you: it’s the Esri Canada Prepaid Training Program, and it benefits teams like yours in many different ways. 

1. Prepaid training enables continuous learning 

Esri technology is changing and shifting all the time, and so are the skills required to maximize its use. Using the software in day-to-day workflows is a great way to develop knowledge of it, but without additional training to show your staff what’s new and changing about it, they might not realize what innovations they can achieve. 

Prepaid amounts can be applied to open enrollment courses or private training, allowing you to address training needs as and when they arise. 

2. Prepaid training is convenient 

Do training budget requests in your organization require layers of review and approval? Sometimes, it’s not the training that prevents us from taking it—it’s the amount of administration required. 

Prepaid training ensures that you’ve already set aside packets of learning that can be used to address skill gaps, without having to put in a new training request every time. Make just one training purchase for the whole year and win back some peace of mind. 

3. Prepaid training is cost-effective 

It’s simple math: the more days of training you pre-purchase, the more savings you achieve. (See the table below for details.) But be aware: on April 1, 2024, training at Esri Canada will be undergoing a price increase, so book your prepaid training now to benefit from a lower rate!

# of training days 

Prepaid price 












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