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Address Manager Essentials Layout and Address Placement

Welcome to part one of Esri Canada's Address Manager instructional video series. Address Manager is a powerful web application designed to meet your organization's specific addressing requirements while maintaining the integrity of the underlying database and addressing rules. In this session, we will cover the basic layout of the application and demonstrate the most common way of adding new civic addresses. You'll learn about the tools available for drawing capabilities, placing addresses and managing road and boundary information essential for emergency services.

00:00 - Introduction to Address Manager
00:27 - Overview of Tools and Interface
00:56 - Placing a Single Address Point
01:22 - Adding Multiple Addresses
01:43 - Assigning Road Names
02:08 - Searching Road Names and Adjusting Search Radius
02:30 - Entering Address Numbers and Additional Attributes
02:55 - Status Attributes and Saving Address Points
03:18 - Preview of Part Two

Address Manager optimizes the creation, maintenance, and use of authoritative addresses, roads, and boundaries. It's essential for municipalities and emergency services to ensure data accuracy and compliance with the latest standards.

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