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Taking the Community Map of Canada Vector Basemap Offline (part 1: ArcGIS Online)

OK Canada, it’s time to take your vector basemaps maps offline! Whether it be for ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise or one of our many field applications. Learn how to take the Community Map of Canada vector basemap offline in your organization today! 

This map is the latest addition to the series of basemaps available for you in ArcGIS. Designed to mirror the online version of the topographic vector basemap, it is a monthly generated vector tile, built using authoritative Canadian data contributions. Esri Canada harvests data from ArcGIS Open Data sites currently available across the country, as well as other authoritative data contributions from our Community Map Program participants. If you’re interested in contributing your data, learn more about our Community Map Program.

Part 1 of our 3-part blog series will focus on taking the Community Map of Canada vector basemap offline in ArcGIS Online. In just 5 easy steps, your basemaps will be offline ready!

Going Offline in ArcGIS Online

  1. Navigate to the Community Map of Canada Offline group
    • We plan on overwriting the services (VTPK & tile layer) monthly to reflect the updated basemap
  2. Select the CMOCOffline Tile Layer

  • Click the thumbnail to open it in a WebMap
  1. Select the three dots by the name and move the layer to the basemap

  1. Select the basemap tab and remove the World Topo Map in the three dots

  1. Save your WebMap, provide tags, and set the sharing level to “Organization” or “Public” for your users to utilize
    • In the WebMap’s item description, select “Settings” and ensure the “enable offline mode” is toggled

Screenshot of the Offline tab in the Community Map of Canada

Now you are ready to combine your offline vector basemap with Map Viewer and Scene Viewer, as well as in ArcGIS Pro, and our multiple configurable applications.

Applications with Offline Support

If the application you are interested in is not listed below, check that specific application’s documentation to determine whether it supports offline.

  1. ArcGIS FieldMaps
  2. ArcGIS Collector
  3. ArcGIS Survey 123
  4. Basemap Gallery
  5. Explorer for ArcGIS
  6. Workforce for ArcGIS

Stay tuned for more updates about the Community Map of Canada offline vector basemap and part 2 of our blog series: Taking the Community Map of Canada Vector Basemap Offline in ArcGIS Enterprise.

If you want to see the steps in a video, watch our YouTube tutorial:


This post was translated to French and can be viewed here.

About the Author

Amanda De Medeiros is a Senior Support Enablement Consultant at Esri Canada. She provides support for enterprise customers and internal staff by identifying issues, troubleshooting software, developing workarounds and providing knowledge transfers. Amanda has a BA in Geography and Environmental Studies from McMaster University and a GIS post-graduate degree from Niagara College. Her interest in geography developed from city building and strategy games.

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