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Which maps and apps made it to the 2018 Esri Canada Calendar & Apps of the Month?

The word is out! Earlier this year, we conducted a contest for all organizations from various industries across the country to submit their maps and apps for our Calendar and Apps of the Month. Find out which maps and apps made the cut.

Geographic information systems (GIS) help us connect, visualize and interpret data to further understand patterns and trends of the world around us. Results of our GIS analysis can be shown through many outputs including maps and web apps. This year, we conducted a contest for organizations from across the country to submit their maps and apps for our Calendar and Apps of the Month. The selected maps and apps illustrate how ArcGIS users across Canada are doing exceptional work that improve our environment, economy and society through mapping and analytics.

Our 2018 print calendar will feature 13 maps, and 13 apps will be showcased as our Apps of the Month on our blog and website home page throughout the year.

Here’s a sneak peek at the selections. Explore each map or app by selecting the links below.

2018 Calendar Maps

2018 Apps of the Month

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who submitted their maps and apps! We look forward to seeing more of your submissions next year.

About the Author

Jasmine Sohal is a GIS Analyst for Esri Canada, holding an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from McMaster University and a post-graduate GIS Applications Specialist certificate from Sir Sandford Fleming College. As a kid, Jasmine refrained from going to new places until she drew a map of how she would get from Point A to Point B. After taking her first Introduction to GIS course at McMaster University, Jasmine knew right away where her passion lay. Now, as a self-proclaimed Geogeek, she is always inspired to visualize situations spatially and applies GIS anywhere she can. In her spare time, Jasmine is a discoverer; for good hiking trails and restaurants, that is. She is always going out to discover beautiful landscapes during her hiking adventures around the province. Off the trails, you can find her discovering new restaurants to dine at. With her open mind and willingness to adapt and learn, Jasmine is excited to see what her future in GIS holds for her.

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