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Nature-Action Québec advances David Suzuki Foundation campaign with interactive map

This month, the David Suzuki Foundation is encouraging people to connect with nature through its 30x30 Nature Challenge. To help promote this campaign, Nature-Action Québec recently used out-of-the-box templates and tools available through ArcGIS to create a Web-based, interactive map to combat the forces pulling people indoors. Read how the Web app Nature-Action Québec developed in-house is helping the crusade to get more people outside in the Montreal area.

How much time do you spend outside in an average week? If you can count the number of hours on one hand, you’re in good company. It’s estimated that the average North American spends 95% of their day indoors or in a vehicle (a stat listed in this great infographic courtesy of the David Suzuki Foundation). Nature-Action Québec—a non-profit organization that guides people and organizations to understand and achieve environmental best practices—wants to help change that. They’ve created an interactive map to make it easy to locate and learn about the abundance of trails, parks and water-based activities in the Montréal area.

The public-facing Carte interactive plein air bleu-vert (Blue-Green Outdoor Interactive Map) displays over 140 points of interest categorized under ‘Randonnée & aventure’ (Green - Hiking & Adventure) and ‘Plein air bleu’ (Blue - Nautical Activities). The map allows users to quickly search for destinations in tabs or on the map and access information with a few clicks of a mouse.

The Carte interactive plein air bleu-vert created by Nature-Action Quebec.

Developed using the Story Map Shortlist app available through ArcGIS Online and services from ArcGIS for Server, the app was configured and tested entirely in-house by Nature-Action Québec in just one week. Nature-Action Québec acquired data for the Web app from hiking and parks Web sites, the David Suzuki Foundation, Vélo Québec, Éco-Nature, partner’s Web sites and adventure ecotourism sites accredited by Aventure Écotourisme Québec. MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-operative) was generous enough to provide financial contribution that funded the project.

The Web app is being promoted throughout May by Nature-Action Québec, the David Suzuki Foundation and a host of other promotional partners in support of the 30x30 Nature Challenge—a campaign conceived by the David Suzuki Foundation to encourage people to spend at least 30 minutes outside every day for 30 straight days. Here's a clever video they created that nicely captures the essence of the challenge.

Nature is Calling YouTube video promoting the David Suzuki Foundation's 30x30 Nature Challenge.

The Carte interactive plein air bleu-vert has been well-received by the public and Nature-Action Québec is hopeful that it inspires people in the Montréal region to lace up their shoes, get out their bikes and reach for their paddles to enjoy the paths, trails, rivers and lakes crisscrossing southern Québec. If you live, or you’re planning to visit the Montréal area, check out the map and get out and support this worthy cause.

This post was updated April 20, 2016.