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Announcing Esri Canada’s ArcGIS for Canadian Municipalities

Esri Canada recently released ArcGIS for Canadian Municipalities, a series of free app templates built on the new Canadian Municipal Data Model. The solution provides a common framework for efficiently publishing maps, as well as ready-to-use apps that enable municipalities to more effectively engage citizens in their communities.

Esri Canada has launched an ArcGIS for Canadian Municipalities group on ArcGIS Online, (be sure to check the box on the left that reads  “Show ArcGIS Desktop Content” to see all the content). The group will host descriptive information, application template downloads, application demos and the Canadian Municipal Data Model. This data model is based on the U. S. Local Government Information Model but has been redesigned to meet the unique needs of Canadian municipalities and to reflect Canadian terminology and standards.

The Polling Place Locator maps the boundaries of polling divisions and shows the user their location, their poll location (including advance poll locations) and the best route to get there. The app functions on desktops, smartphone and tablet devices. A sample application is available to test drive.

Figure 1: Polling Place Locator app

The Election Results application provides a map-based view of voting results tabulated on election night for each polling division. To display the results, the user can enter an address or polling division number in the search box or click on the map. The polling division will be highlighted and the voting results will be displayed in the tabs along the bottom of the map. Take the Election Results app for a test drive.

Figure 2: Election Results app

The Polling Place Locator and Election Results apps are just the first of many municipality-focused applications in development. Others in development include:

  • My Government Services
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Citizen Service Request

Check back here for new releases.

For more information visit

(With contributions from Dave Edwards, Esri Canada's ArcGIS for Canadian Municipalities Project Manager)

About the Author

Paul Heersink is a cartographer and Production Manager of Esri Canada’s Community Maps Program: an initiative that is aiming to build a seamless topographic basemap using contributor data. He has over 15 years of cartographic experience, working in both the public and private sectors. Paul has always been interested in mapping and drew his own atlas at the age of 10. He took a detour in his career through the fields of psychology and social work before returning to cartography.

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