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Documenting Indigenous Knowledge and Traditional Values using GIS

Matawa First Nations Management is a tribal council with nine First Nations members. Five of these First Nations are in remote Northern Ontario while the other four communities are accessible via the provincial highway network. Four major rivers flow into the homelands from the Hudson and James Bay. The nine communities are connected by these rivers systems making the management of them crucial. In this video featuring Jennifer Duncan of the Four Rivers Environmental Services Group, located in Thunder Bay, ON, Jennifer discusses Matawa First Nations Management's map "Watersheds within the Matawa Homelands and Traditional Territory". The map appears in Esri Canada's 2022 Map Calendar as the featured map for June. The map, which is labeled using Ojibway syllabics, illustrates the watersheds that connect communities throughout these traditional territories. Watch the video to learn more about Matawa First Nations Management, the genesis of the map and what Jennifer's plans are for this map in the future. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Resources on how the watershed map was created: ► ArcGIS Pro ► Map Digital Dialects: 5 Steps to Add Syllabics in ArcGIS Pro -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Esri Canada’s Map Calendar Hub ► Every month, we publish a story related to the theme of the featured map and additional resources. We invite you to explore stories beyond the maps and play with the GIS applications to find out more insights. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want more from Esri Canada? Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn