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Getting Technical – June 2019

What’s coming in the next release of Community Analyst? How do you plan and outline your story map focused on your audience and message? What can you do with the new Tracker for ArcGIS? Find out these and more in June’s Getting Technical blog post.


What's Coming in Community Analyst

The next release of ArcGIS Community Analyst is planned for prior to the Esri User Conference in July. You’ll be able to access updated 2019/2024 US demographics online data as well as other capabilities.  Read this blog post for the key highlights of what’s planned.

Your Guide to Canadian Datum Transformations and ArcGIS Online (Part 3)

Welcome to the final post in our Canadian Datum Transformation series! So far, we’ve been learning why it’s important to apply the correct datum transformation method to your map prior to publishing to ArcGIS Online and what transformation method to use depending on the projection of your data. Today, our focus is going to be on data that is defined with a datum of NAD 83 Original, and we’ll cover not only what transformation method to use, but where to access the various grid shift files for Canada and just as importantly, where to store them and how to use them. Read on for all the details!

FAQ: What are the deprecation plans for ArcGIS products?

Periodically, it is necessary to deprecate specific functionalities and/or platforms to continue delivering optimal support for Esri software. With each release, the platforms and functionality supported in the ArcGIS platform are assessed and adjusted based on customer needs and technology trends. The purpose of the deprecation plans is to provide as much advance notice as possible regarding these changes, and to understand the implications of each release.

Hot tip: Use Python to automate common location tracking tasks

Location tracking is a new capability of ArcGIS. It’s available with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 and will be included with the June 2019 release of ArcGIS Online. This exciting new capability is powered by a new Tracker for ArcGIS mobile solution that enables field personnel to securely record and share their location with others in their organization. With the latest release of the ArcGIS API for Python, you can automate common location tracking administration tasks using the new tracker module.

Video: Fun with ArcGIS Online: Introducing Arcade

Are you wondering what Arcade is (and what it isn’t) and what it means to you? This video will provide a high-level introduction of how this expression language can be used across the ArcGIS platform. You will see examples of how simple expressions can enhance your labels, symbols and pop-up windows to make your web maps look great in your desktop, online and mobile apps. Anyone can ignite Arcade's fire to make your maps look smarter and richer. Follow @EsriCanada on Twitter and check out more technical videos using the hashtag #HowtoArcGIS


What's New in Esri Demographics (June 2019)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the 2019 Esri UC

2019 Esri UC: Find Innovative Emerging Business Geo-Apps in the Startup Zone

What's new in Survey123 for ArcGIS (May 2019 Update)

What's New in Esri Vector Basemaps (May 2019) 

Update to ArcGIS Enterprise Product Lifecycle

View more announcements in the ArcGIS Blog | My Esri Blog on GeoNet

Service Packs, Patches & User Resources

Esri Roads and Highways 10.7.1 Issues Addressed

This announcement contains the list of issues addressed with the release of ArcGIS Location Referencing 10.7.1 specific to Esri Roads and Highways.

Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.5.1 Patch 11 (Desktop | Server)

This is a general cumulative maintenance patch for the Mapping and Charting Solutions including; ArcGIS for Aviation (Desktop), ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry (Desktop), ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting (Desktop), ArcGIS for Maritime: Server, Esri Defense Mapping for (Desktop, Server), and Esri Production Mapping for (Desktop, Server). Please download and install this patch at your earliest convenience.

ArcGIS Workflow Manager Security Update Patch

Esri® announces the ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server Security Update which addresses a security vulnerability where server information may be disclosed in certain error messages. Esri recommends customers using ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server 10.7, 10.6.1, 10.6, and 10.5.1 apply this patch.

ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List - March 2019 Release

This page contains a list of issues addressed in the March 2019 update to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.

ArcGIS (Desktop, Engine) Text Performance Patch

Drawing of text when font smoothing is enabled is significantly slower than non-smoothed text. This patch resolves the performance deficit.

ArcGIS (Desktop, Engine, Server) 10.7 Network Analyst VRP Solver Patch

This patch resolves an issue where the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) Solver fails to execute successfully when run in locales where a comma is used as the decimal separator.

ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Server 10.7 Batch Processing Stability Patch

This patch provides stability fixes for data enrichment for the GeoEnrichment Server software component of Business Analyst Enterprise 10.7.

Business Analyst Server Install Guide

This installation guide is your resource for information on prerequisites, installation, and authorization for Business Analyst Server 10.6.1 and earlier, and data.

View more service patches

Web Watch –White Papers, Blogs and Useful Resources

App of the Month: Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup: Dirty Dozen

The amount of litter accumulating on our lakeshores is shocking. Imagine how much more litter there is across the oceans. June’s App of the Month, The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup’s Dirty Dozen, helps us visualize that and identifies the top 12 litter found along Canadian shores.

A brief guide to ArcGIS Server federation

With more and more organizations adopting Esri’s Web GIS solutions, one option is to deploy ArcGIS Enterprise on premises, which requires federating ArcGIS Server with Portal for ArcGIS. Some organizations currently run a standalone ArcGIS Server site and wonder where to start with this new federation model. If you feel the same way, do not worry. This “ArcGIS Server federation 101” will set you off on the right foot in no time.

Enabling your ArcGIS Open Data: A Tale of Two Data Portals

Open Data can enable municipalities, their staff, residents and private sector organizations to develop better insights, make more informed decisions and implement innovative ideas that can generate social and economic benefits to help improve the lives of people in the community. Open data is a core element of a Smart City and enabling open data has become easier than ever. Any municipality with an ArcGIS Online Subscription can use ArcGIS Hub to enable open data and create an open data site for no additional cost. Find out what the City of Ottawa and Parkland County in Alberta have to share about their experience releasing their Open Data portals, and what their future plans are for open data.

Throwing Shade

Hillshading is a gloriously delicious endeavor for any map nerd. But, as is the case with any digital pursuit, it’s in the pushing aside of the defaults that the real devious stuff can happen. In this post we will slide down the rainbow and look for an interesting optical/chromatic effect for our crafty hillshading shenanigans in Pro using only one source layer from the Living Atlas and the hillshade Raster Function.

Planning and Outlining Your Story Map: How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Pre-production is a vital part of the storytelling process. Follow these steps to create an outline that’s focused on your audience and message.


ArcGIS Enterprise: Administration Workflows

Master techniques to configure and maintain an ArcGIS Enterprise solution that meets your organization's business needs. You will learn about ArcGIS Enterprise architecture, server licensing roles and extensions and the capabilities that support common GIS patterns of use. Best practices to manage servers, data and services while ensuring system performance over time are covered.

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Upcoming Webinars

Taking the fear out of change: Immediate benefits of switching to ArcGIS Pro
June 20, 2019, 1-2 pm ET

Location Matters: Introducing Location Tracking for ArcGIS
July 25, 2019, 1-2 pm ET

Enhancing Your Open Data Portal for Increased Public Engagement
July 30, 2019, 1-2 pm ET

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About the Author

George Kouroupis is the Director of Technology and Solutions for Esri Canada. His efforts are focused on advising customers and business partners on the latest ArcGIS trends and technologies. With over 35 years’ experience in software development, project management and product management, George takes a holistic and pragmatic approach to addressing customer’s technical and business problems.

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