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Getting Technical - February 2020

What’s new in ArcGIS StoryMaps? How do you create and add Python notebooks in ArcGIS Pro 2.5? What’s new with ArcGIS Insights? How do you create, manage and update license files for ArcGIS for Portal 10.7.1? Find out these and more in February’s Getting Technical blog post.


What's new in ArcGIS StoryMaps (January 2020)
It’s time for another update to ArcGIS StoryMaps! This is the first release of 2020, but the fourth overall release of this new product. If you’re just catching up, you can review what was new in our July, August, and October releases, and here’s a rundown of new features added in January.

What is your mission?
Location intelligence, mapping and analytics play a major role in tactical operations across public safety, emergency management and security workflows. Whether you are keeping the public safe during an event or responding to an emergency, providing real-time information and staying connected with teammates is critical.

What’s New in the Drone2Map for ArcGIS 2.1
The latest release of Esri’s powerful, drone mapping software is here and it delivers a lot of what you’ve asked for. Our Drone2Map for ArcGIS 2.1 team continues its mission of bringing you the new tools, workflows and capabilities requested by our user community.

Explore Your Raster Data with Space Time Pattern Mining
With ArcGIS Pro 2.5, you can now apply space-time statistics and visualizations to your raster time series data. The Space Time Pattern Mining toolbox contains statistical tools to analyze and map data distributions and patterns in both space and time.

What’s new with ArcGIS Insights (February 2020)
It’s a new year! Even though it is several weeks past Jan 1st, there’s no better time to have a new release for ArcGIS Insights. By this time, despite our best intentions, many of us have already broken our New Year’s resolutions. Insights can help you get you back on track for 10 common resolutions: look and feel great, save more, be environmentally responsible, spend time with family, read more, try something new, travel, live life to the fullest, get organized and get more sleep. Take a look at the new release and see how we can help you with your New Year’s goals.

Troubleshooting ArcGIS Pro like an Esri Canada Support Analyst: Part 2 (Named User Licensing)
Welcome to the final post in our Troubleshooting ArcGIS Pro like an Esri Canada Support Analyst series. While part 1 focused on troubleshooting performance, crashes and data issues, the goal of this blog post is to help you troubleshoot Named User Licensing issues in ArcGIS Pro.

FAQ:  What's new with Scene Layers (ArcGIS Pro 2.5)
The Scene Layers Team has been hard at work adding new functionality at the ArcGIS Pro 2.5 release. Let’s check out what’s been added!

Hot tip:  Updating and Importing Portal for ArcGIS 10.7.1 License Files
The following video describes how to create, manage and update license files for ArcGIS for Portal 10.7.1.

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Update to ArcGIS Enterprise Product Lifecycle

ArcGIS Experience Builder Out of Beta

What’s New in the ArcGIS Pro SDK 2.5

What’s New for Spatial Analyst and Raster Analysis in ArcGIS Pro 2.5

What's new in ArcGIS Pro 2.5

What's New in Esri Vector Basemaps (February 2020)

Hack the Map 4 Hackathon Results

New Places in Esri Vector Basemaps

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Service Packs, Patches & User Resources

Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.7.1 Patch 4 (Desktop | Server)
This is a general cumulative maintenance patch for the Mapping and Charting Solutions including; ArcGIS for Aviation (Desktop), ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry (Desktop), ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting (Desktop), ArcGIS for Maritime: Server, Esri Defense Mapping for (Desktop, Server), and Esri Production Mapping for (Desktop, Server). Please download and install this patch at your earliest convenience.

ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List - December 2019 Release
This page contains a list of issues addressed in the December 2019 update to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.

ArcGIS (Desktop, Engine, Server) 10.7.1 Spatial Analyst Patch
This patch addresses quality and performance issues with ArcGIS 10.7.1 Spatial Analyst extension in the Hydrology and Distance toolsets

Esri Maps for Salesforce Documentation
Esri Maps for Salesforce works directly with your organization's ArcGIS subscription to allow you to access geographic content to enhance your business data. Your subscription includes several service credits, which are the currency of ArcGIS, and are used in exchange for most of the ArcGIS services used within your organization.

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Web Watch –White Papers, Blogs and Useful Resources

App of the Month: Caribou of the boreal
February’s App of the Month – Caribou of the boreal – is a story map by the David Suzuki Foundation. It uses rich multimedia to illustrate how Caribou are threatened with extinction across Canada with 37 out of 52 boreal caribou ranges unlikely to survive unless action is taken to reduce disturbances to their habitats. By taking this cross-Canada tour, you’ll go deep inside the boreal forest to live the caribou’s experience and find out what you can do to protect this species’ critical habitat.

How to create and add Python notebooks in ArcGIS Pro 2.5
ArcGIS Pro 2.5 now includes ArcGIS Notebooks. The built-in integration with ArcGIS Notebooks allows you to create and edit Jupyter notebooks without leaving the Pro environment. This is a great way to keep your notebooks organized with the Pro projects they relate to without worrying about which Juypter environment your notebook was stored in.

Speed up offline Collector deployments using sideloaded basemaps
Mobile data collection in a connected world is much simpler.  However, many users need to collect assets or perform inspections in areas where there is limited or no connectivity.  In this case, getting an offline map onto your mobile device can be a challenge, particularly if they need a detailed basemap covering a large geographic area.  In this blog we’ll cover a few strategies to configure your maps to reference basemaps on your device and show how you can deploy those basemaps to your devices running Collector.

Limit Edits within a Boundary with Attribute Rules
How do I limit the editing extent? How can I restrict editing to certain boundaries? How can I limit users to edit only within the work order boundary assigned to them? Is it possible to limit users to edit in some boundaries and not in others? We get these questions a lot and in this blog we will illustrate how we can do this with Attribute Rules.

Gamification in GIS and AEC
With the rapid evolution of game engine technology in the last few years, every GIS user should be aware that gaming technologies are likely to fundamentally change the experience of GIS in the future.

Activity and news surrounding coronavirus using MSDF solution
The dashboard in the blog post highlights activity and news associated with the coronavirus in an Esri Dashboard. The data feed is coming from one of Esri’s 3rd party data providers, Factal. The Multi Source Data Feeds (MSDF) solution allows ArcGIS users to consume incident information from our 3rd party data providers into the ArcGIS platform.

New labels in Map Viewer Beta
The recent update of Map Viewer Beta includes labeling.  Add labels to guide readers to points of interest such as Congressional Districts, restaurants, streams, and much more.

Lighten the Administrative Load in ArcGIS Online with Custom Roles
Managing an ArcGIS Online organization with a lot of members can be challenging. Between assigning and monitoring credits, managing content, and inviting new members, administrators in an ArcGIS Online organization can have a lot on their plate. A way to lighten the load for a single administrator is to delegate specific tasks to some members. Custom roles in ArcGIS Online are here to help with that.


Get Started with ArcGIS GeoEvent Server
This course teaches core principles and essential skills needed to enable real-time data analytics through your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment. Learn how to connect to real-time sensors, analyze and visualize a data feed and send updates and alerts to everyone who needs them.

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Feb. 20, 2020

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