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Getting Technical – February 2019

What ArcGIS Pro SDK learning opportunities can you expect at DevSummit 2019? How can you protect your ArcGIS Online items from unwanted downloads and changes? Find out these and more in February’s Getting Technical.


Improve collaboration with distributed Web GIS
Find out how you can connect multiple ArcGIS deployments so users can leverage authoritative data from other organizations, improve engagement and communication, and glean new insights.

ArcGIS Pro SDK at Developer Summit 2019
The Esri Developer Summit 2019 (March 5-8) in Palm Springs is almost here. See a list of the many ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET learning opportunities at DevSummit. You can also search the online agenda.

FAQ:  What do you need to know about TLS 1.2 and ArcGIS?

As of April 16, 2019, Esri is planning to require TLS 1.2 connections for ArcGIS Online Services. Wondering if this is something that applies to you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Hot tip: Protect your ArcGIS Online items

Here’s an overview of how you can protect your items from unwanted downloads and changes.

Video: Use interactive and beautiful infographics in ArcGIS Pro


What’s new in ArcGIS Companion 2.1 (Feb 2019)

What's New in Survey123 for ArcGIS v3.2

How to license your ArcGIS Enterprise portal at 10.7 prerelease

ArcGIS Pro 2.3 Is Here!

New ArcGIS Pro styles

Hack the Map 3 hackathon results

Basemap updates for Canada - January 2019

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Service Packs, Patches & User Resources

ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 Exporting Data From a Layer Patch

This patch addresses an issue in ArcMap 10.6.1 where exporting data from the table of contents to a shapefile or feature class returns the error, "Error exporting data." and the data fails to export.

ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 Parcel Fabric Layer Patch

If you are using a parcel fabric with the local government information model, this patch resolves an issue that caused poor performance when first adding the fabric to a map.

Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.5.1 Patch 10 (Desktop | Server)

This is a general cumulative maintenance patch for the Mapping and Charting Solutions including; ArcGIS for Aviation (Desktop), ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry (Desktop), ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting (Desktop), ArcGIS for Maritime: Server, Esri Defense Mapping for (Desktop, Server), and Esri Production Mapping for (Desktop, Server). Please download and install this patch to ensure the highest quality experience.

ArcGIS Server 10.6.1 Add Attachments in Collector for ArcGIS(iOS) Patch

This patch addresses Collector for ArcGIS (iOS) errors when adding attachments from a hosted feature service running in 10.6.1 enterprise.

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Esri Product Retirement Notice

The following products/versions have been retired:

Nov 1, 2018

  • AppStudio for ArcGIS 2.0
  • Collector for ArcGIS (Android) 17.0.2
  • Collector for ArcGIS (Android) 17.0.3

Dec 1, 2018

  • ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android 10.2.8
  • Collector for ArcGIS (iOS) 17.0.3
  • Drone2Map for ArcGIS 1.2
  • Survey123 for ArcGIS 2.4

January 1, 2019

  • ArcGIS Pro 2.0
  • ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1
  • ArcGIS Pro SDK for Microsoft .NET 2.0
  • Esri Business Analyst for Desktop 10.4.1
  • Esri Business Analyst for Server 10.4.1
  • Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS 10.3.4
  • Workforce for ArcGIS (Android) 1.2.1
  • Workforce for ArcGIS (iOS) 1.2

February 1, 2019

  • Esri Maps for IBM Cognos 6.1.1
  • Survey123 for ArcGIS 2.5
  • Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 3.0

The Product Life Cycle Support Policy is designed to help communicate to Esri users the technical support resources available during a product’s life span and to provide advanced notification of planned changes to available support options. Please refer to the Product Life Cycle Policy document to understand the 4 different Support phases of Esri’s Product Life Cycle.

Web Watch –White Papers, Blogs and Useful Resources

App of the Month: Alberta's Bio-Resource Information Management System (BRIMS)

For February’s App of the Month, let’s take a look at how Silvacom and Alberta Innovates came together to build a one-stop app for the province’s biomass, ecosystem services and land-use data.

Dashboard tips that will make you say, “I didn’t know I could do that!”

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is a powerful tool that can support or administer solutions in any industry. Here are some interesting Dashboard capabilities you may not know about.

How do you enable smart government using a geospatial infrastructure?

Read why Canada should take a similar approach to the UK in creating smart governments by improving policy and decision-making using a geospatial infrastructure.

Why ArcGIS is the ideal platform for data collection and asset management

In the past few years, the ArcGIS platform has become a standard for collaborative solutions. With these integrated tools, you can share information, collect data and even manage assets. It’s an ideal tool to help resolve your operational challenges.

New tutorials with ArcGIS Pro 2.3 Help

The ArcGIS Pro Help has been updated for the release of ArcGIS Pro 2.3, and with it comes three brand-new quickstart tutorials for you to try.


Get Started with Insights for ArcGIS

This course prepares you to work with Insights for ArcGIS to dynamically visualize and analyze data from multiple sources on maps, charts, tables and more. You will learn how to define a workflow to investigate a spatial problem, interactively apply analysis tools and share your insights across the enterprise.

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Upcoming Webinars

What’s New with Collector for ArcGIS
Feb. 21, 1-2 pm ET

Why ArcGIS is the Ideal Platform for Data Collection and Asset Management (in French)
Feb. 28, 1-2 pm ET

Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro 2.3
Mar. 7, 1-2 pm ET

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