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Getting Technical - July 2021

Can ArcGIS Indoors seamlessly connect with BIM data? How do I configure popups? What is the difference between ArcGIS Platform and ArcGIS Online? Get the answers to all that and more in this month’s edition of Getting Technical.


Your Key to ArcGIS Platform Q&A
Unlock the answers to your questions related to ArcGIS Platform and API keys.

ArcGIS Field Apps Seminar: Your Questions Answered Part 1: ArcGIS Field Maps
See questions and answers from Part 1 of our “ArcGIS Field Apps: Take the Power of Location Anywhere” seminar. In this first post, we cover questions about offline use, tracking and data collection.

ArcGIS Field Apps Seminar: Your Questions Answered Part 2: More Field Maps and app integration
See questions and answers from Part 2 of our “ArcGIS Field Apps: Take the Power of Location Anywhere” seminar. In this second Q&A, we cover questions about Field Maps map and form configuration as well as app integration.

Introducing ArcGIS Living Atlas Live Feeds Status
For many years, Esri has provided a series of live feeds to help enhance situational awareness apps. ArcGIS Living Atlas Live Feeds are a collection of ready-to-use services that can provide current information on weather and other information that can help mitigate disasters.

Introducing ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online marks an expansion to the ArcGIS Image product suite, comprised of ArcGIS Image Analyst for ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Image Server for ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Image Dedicated. Each product in the suite provides comprehensive tools and services for imagery data management, visualization and analysis, wherever your data lives—on your desktop, in an enterprise, ArcGIS Online or your existing cloud storage.

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FAQ: Can ArcGIS Indoors seamlessly connect with BIM Data?
There are several formats seen in the world of BIM modeling - Civil 3D and Revit primarily. The Indoors conversion and import tools (run in ArcGIS Pro) are designed to read CAD data types (DWG, DGN). It's also possible to model Revit data in ArcGIS Pro, almost as easy as dragging and dropping into your map.

Hot Tip: Configuring Popups
Add more context to your data in your map by configuring popups that are useful to your audience.

COVID-19 Resources

Visit the ArcGIS Solutions site to learn more about Esri’s suite of coronavirus recovery solutions.

COVID-19 Canada Resource Hub
Esri Canada’s resource hub includes bilingual maps, apps and other COVID-19 resources for the public, customers and media. The hub is constantly updated with case and vaccination data. It features dashboards on economic recovery, family structure, household dynamics and mental health, COVID-19 open datasets, additional GIS training videos and other resources. Check out our COVID-19 COVID-19 Recovery Solutions and Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution Solutions.

Esri Canada Offers Data Solution for Understanding COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy 
Esri Canada is now offering VaccineInsights, a unique dataset from Environics Analytics with up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination, behavioural and trend data. VaccineInsights is ideal for governments and public health units as it helps locate under-vaccinated populations and sheds light on the reasons behind COVID-19 vaccine confidence and vaccine hesitancy in Canada. 

Explore the story map: Where is vaccine hesitancy in Canada? 


Pre-trained deep learning models update (July 2021)

What’s new in ArcGIS AppStudio Version 5.1 (July 2021)

What's new in OpenStreetMap and Esri Vector Basemaps (July 2021)

Esri Data 101: Tapestry Segmentation

Quick Start with ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro via Online Subscription

A new way to add content to ArcGIS Online (June 2021)

New home page fonts (June 2021)

What's New in ArcGIS API for JavaScript (version 4.20)

What's New in ArcGIS Experience Builder (June 2021)

What's New in ArcGIS Solutions (June 2021 Release)

What’s new in ArcGIS Dashboards (June 2021)

Getting up to speed with redesigned selectors in ArcGIS Dashboards

What's new in Map Viewer (June 2021)

Three, Two, One: Countdown (Beta) is the newest Instant App (June 2021)

What's New in Instant Apps (June 2021)

What's new in ArcGIS Online (June 2021)

ArcGIS Living Atlas News (June 2021)

Introducing ArcGIS Business Analyst Standard and Advanced Bundles

What's Coming in ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App (June 2021)

Juneteenth 2021: Reflections and Resources

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Service Packs, Patches & User Resources

ArcGIS Server 10.8.1 Utility Network Patch 4

ArcGIS Server Orphaned Processes Patch

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Web Watch – White Papers, Blogs and Useful Resources

App of the Month: Solutions Reporter
The Solutions Reporter app, created by the Town of Truro, consists of three connected pieces: an ArcGIS Survey123 form, which residents of the Town use to report issues; a hosted feature layer on ArcGIS Online, which displays pending, in-progress and completed issues on a map of Truro; and an ArcGIS Dashboards app, which provides quick-access reporting to Town staff and councillors. 

Screenshot of the Solutions Reporter Progress Map in an ArcGIS Web AppBuilder app. On the left is a legend indicating what each icon on the map to the right means. On the right, the map shows the locations of several in-progress and resolved issues that have been raised by residents of Truro, Nova Scotia.

Map of the Month: KDCFS Bjerkness/Kaslo/Shutty Landscape Level Wildfire Plan 2019
The Kaslo and District Community Forest Society in southeastern British Columbia completed a Landscape-Level Wildfire Plan within its tenure area in ArcGIS Pro. The planning was undertaken in the wake of some of the largest and fiercest wildfires in recent BC history and was guided by the Provincial Strategic Threat Analysis initiative. The incorporation of field-captured data on a slope/aspect matrix map is a reference resource for ongoing fuel reduction project efforts as well as fire suppression strategies to be used if a wildfire should threaten communities in the Kaslo/North Kootenay Lake area.

Screenshot of the Map of the Month: KDCFS Bjerkness/Kaslo/Shutty Landscape Level Wildfire Plan 2019

Community Map of Canada – Style of the Month
The Community Map of Canada style of the month for July 2021 is "Itsy-bitsy spider".

Screenshot of a map of Canada styled with spiders as city markers.

Geographical Thinking Podcast - Season 1 | Episode 12: A Game Changer of Searching for Missing Children
Every year more than 40,000 children go missing in Canada. Less than one per cent are broadcast through AMBER Alerts due to its specific criteria and high threshold. With GIS and technology, Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) created a search network connecting police and the community in real-time when kids go missing. Amanda Pick, CEO of MCSC talks to Guan about the mobile app MCSC rescu ( and its story in bringing home two missing children.

Geographical Thinking Podcast – Season 1 | Episode 13: Student’s GIS Work Wowed Judges
Skills Ontario runs a contest for high school students to practice their spatial analysis skills with the hope that they may use it professionally. Join Guan's conversation with one of the winners - Jaden Noronha, a Grade 12 student who one judges described as doing ‘amazing work’ and the teacher supporting him - Joey Raso from Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School in Dufferin Peel.

Where does Calgary’s drinking water come from? A Cartographer’s Perspective
Did you know Calgarians get their water from the Rocky Mountains west of the city from basin-like landforms called watersheds? One of the main watersheds feeding the city is the Bow River watershed which covers an area of 7,770 square kilometres. Here’s a cartographer’s perspective of this vital water source.

Parades and Special Events: Operational Intelligence and Data Fusion
Public special events are the heart and soul of any community. While essential to their regions, these events require a high level of operational intelligence. In preparation, public safety leaders face distinctive logistic challenges which require intense behind-the-scenes planning of every imaginable facet, including crowd control, traffic congestion, sanitary facilities, first aid and more. To assure public safety, decision-makers need a solid safety operations plan and a system to provide situational awareness.

Reminder: Raster BaseMaps Moving to Mature Support
Esri raster basemaps will be entering mature support, which means it is important to begin updating your ArcGIS maps and apps to vector basemaps. In July 2021, Esri vector basemaps will become the primary basemaps for use in ArcGIS. At this time, raster basemaps will be placed in Mature Support. They will remain available, but they will no longer be updated. To ensure you are utilizing the latest and greatest data, it is important to update your basemaps to vector as soon as possible.

ArcMap Continued Support
ArcGIS 10.8.1 is the current release of ArcMap and will continue to be supported until March 1, 2026, as established in the ArcGIS Desktop Product Life Cycle. Esri plans to release ArcMap 10.8.2 near the end of 2021. This is a maintenance release only and will not include new functionality. This update will not extend the ArcGIS 10.8.x product life cycle. Esri does not have plans to release an ArcMap 10.9 with the ArcGIS releases in 2021. We understand there may be questions as to what’s next for ArcMap inside ArcGIS Desktop. By viewing the ArcMap Continued Support page, you will be able to find the answers to most, if not all, of your questions regarding continued support of ArcMap as well as resources to help you transition your work moving forward into several Esri products such as ArcGIS Pro.

Deprecation Notice for Explorer, Collector, and Tracker
ArcGIS Field Maps was launched in October 2020 and replaces the functionality of ArcGIS Collector, ArcGIS Explorer, and ArcGIS Tracker on the iOS and Android mobile platforms. These products (Collector, Explorer, Tracker) are currently available to download and are fully supported; however, they will be retired in December 2021.

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Putting ArcGIS to Use Across Your Organization
Get a comprehensive introduction to ArcGIS platform components and capabilities for new users and decision makers. They will discover how ArcGIS helps organizations address common business challenges and apply location-based insights to streamline operations and improve decision making.

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Esri Canada Seminar

The New Storytelling Landscape: Connecting the Dots
September 21

Join us for this virtual seminar to discover how the ArcGIS system can assist with connecting the dots of your story. Learn about the Art of Storytelling and how to integrate ArcGIS for impact, insight, discovery and exploration.

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Esri Canada Summer School: ArcGIS Pro 101
August 19

Learn the ABCs of ArcGIS Pro, our flagship desktop GIS application. We’ll demonstrate how you can enable the powerful capabilities within ArcGIS Pro today, including professional cartography, advanced geospatial science and data maintenance. With its intuitive interface and modern design, you’ll discover how making maps, editing features and running analytical tools in ArcGIS Pro is as easy as 1-2-3. 

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