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Getting Technical - August 2021

What is a geospatial strategy? How do you share maps using ArcGIS Instant App? Get the answers to all that and more in this month’s edition of Getting Technical.


Get started with ArcGIS QuickCapture
ArcGIS QuickCapture is a field data collection app that allows you to capture data simply and quickly. It was designed to support field teams that need to collect data rapidly: from a moving vehicle, helicopter, bicycle or ATV. But its simple, form-based interface makes it an excellent choice for any data collection activity.

All systems go! Answering your questions about ArcGIS Pro 2.8
We've answered your questions from our “All systems go! ArcGIS Pro 2.8” webinar. In this blog, we cover topics including accessibility, geoprocessing, big data and more.

ArcGIS for Personal Use and Student Use just got better, again
We are excited to announce that the ArcGIS for Personal Use and ArcGIS for Student Use products have been updated and enhanced with the following upgrades, with no extra cost to you. Learn about the new features available for users.

Civic Addressing Fundamentals with Esri Canada’s Address Manager
Esri Canada’s Address Manager application has numerous functions for managing and editing civic addresses. In this blog, we will look at the three fundamental methods of inputting address points and their attributes.

Create your first dashboard using ArcGIS Dashboards
ArcGIS Dashboards enables users to convey information by presenting location-based analytics using intuitive and interactive data visualizations. A dashboard is a view of geographic information and data that allows you to monitor events, make decisions, inform others and see trends. Dashboards are designed to display multiple visualizations that work together on a single screen. They offer a comprehensive view of your data and provide key insights for at-a-glance decision-making.

ArcGIS Field Apps Seminar: your questions answered – Part 3
See questions and answers from Part 3 of our “ArcGIS Field Apps: Take the Power of Location Anywhere” seminar. In this final Q&A, we cover questions about Survey123 and QuickCapture.

FAQ – What is a geospatial strategy?
What goes into a geospatial strategy, and why is it important for your business? In this video, the first in a series, learn the basics of geospatial strategy from Matthew Lewin, Esri Canada's director of management consulting.

Hot Tip – Share your maps using ArcGIS Instant Apps
A good visualization is nice but giving your audience the ability to interact with your map is even better. Learn to build simple, out of the box, apps so you can empower your audience member and tell a more impactful story!

Submit your app for our App of the Month
We’re looking for outstanding, publicly accessible ArcGIS-based apps to be featured in the Esri Canada Blog as our App of the Month. Could your app be it?

COVID-19 Resources

Visit the ArcGIS Solutions site to learn more about Esri’s suite of coronavirus recovery solutions.

COVID-19 Canada Resource Hub
Esri Canada’s resource hub includes bilingual maps, apps and other COVID-19 resources for the public, customers and media. The hub is constantly updated with case and vaccination data. It features dashboards on economic recovery, family structure, household dynamics and mental health, COVID-19 open datasets, additional GIS training videos and other resources. Check out our COVID-19 COVID-19 Recovery Solutions and Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution Solutions.

Esri Canada Offers Data Solution for Understanding COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy 
Esri Canada is now offering VaccineInsights, a unique dataset from Environics Analytics with up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination, behavioural and trend data. VaccineInsights is ideal for governments and public health units as it helps locate under-vaccinated populations and sheds light on the reasons behind COVID-19 vaccine confidence and vaccine hesitancy in Canada. 

Explore the story map: Where is vaccine hesitancy in Canada? 


2021 Esri UC Science Recap: Dawn Wright at UC Central Live and Esri Science Symposium with Dr. Healy Hamilton

What's new in ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud (July 2021)

Go big: Performance improvements and increased dataset size in ArcGIS for Office

ArcGIS Experience Builder Developer Edition 1.5 Now Available

Esri Data 101: Consumer Spending

2021 UC One-Stop-Shop for all things ArcGIS Dashboards

What’s new in ArcGIS for Office (July 2021)

ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes: Q&A from Esri User Conference 2021

2021 U.S. Data Update for ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop and ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise

What's new in ArcGIS Urban (July 2021)

ArcGIS Survey123 smart camera: Machine learning meets field data collection

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Service Packs, Patches & User Resources

Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.8.1 Patch 7 (Desktop | Server)

Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.7.1 Patch 12 (Desktop | Server)

ArcGIS for Office 2021.1 Issues Addressed List

View more security patches

Web Watch – White Papers, Blogs and Useful Resources

App of the Month: Brampton Road Closures
Road construction and reduced laneways are annoyances to any commuter, whether they’re travelling for work or for leisure. August’s App of the Month, Brampton Road Closures & Lane Restrictions, provides an alternative way for municipalities to inform people of local road closures using ArcGIS Dashboards, with the hope of reducing those annoyances.

Screenshot of the Brampton Road Closures ArcGIS Dashboard

Map of the Month: Summer 2019 vs 2020 Visitor Change for Toronto Super Regional Malls
This map illustrates how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting consumer behaviour. Using the latest anonymized mobile movement data and leveraging Environics Analytics’ proprietary geofence library, a thematic map was created that illustrates percent change in visitor patronage in the summer of 2020 over the same time in 2019. Neighbourhoods in red illustrate a decline of more than 25% in patronage to one of four malls. Areas in blue highlight neighbourhoods that have actually increased patronage to those malls.
Screenshot of the map of the month showing visitor changes for Toronto Super Regional Malls

Geographical Thinking Podcast - Season 1 | Episode 14: Making Geography Fun at Home for Children
Spatial literacy doesn’t need to be hard and complex as it sounds. Two parents made it into a fun family activity with their two boys mapping out their Disney World Trip before COVID-19. Guan talked to Colleen Raymond and Mike Gregotski, both long time GIS professionals, about how they are engaging their small children in geography projects and impressing their sons’ friends! Looking for ideas to engage your little ones at home? This episode is for you.

Geographical Thinking Podcast – Season 1 | Episode 15: Real Fake News, Eh!
Geographical Thinking Caps, our funcast podcast, is back! In this episode, Mark Ho welcomes Dan Mallett and Susie Saliola of Esri Canada to uncover the truths and lies of Canadian geography. From largest islands to bathtub racing, you'll learn more about your country with fun conversation along the way. Bring the sunscreen and wave the maple leaf – it’s time to battle for geo-glory!

Geographical Thinking Podcast – Season 1 | Episode 16: Things They Wish They Knew Earlier
Esri Canada has a Young Professional Network (YPN) for those starting out in this business. It encourages discussion amongst young professionals on how to grow their careers. This is the first episode in our three-part summer series. Four experienced GIS professionals are answering questions from our young professionals. The question is – what do they know now that they wish they’d known earlier in their GIS career and how might it have changed their career choices?

Reminder: Raster Basemaps Have Moved to Mature Support
Esri raster basemaps have entered mature support, which means it is important to begin updating your ArcGIS maps and apps to vector basemaps. In July 2021, Esri vector basemaps became the primary basemaps for use in ArcGIS. Raster basemaps have been placed in Mature Support. They will remain available, but they will no longer be updated. To ensure you are utilizing the latest and greatest data, it is important to update your basemaps to vector as soon as possible.

ArcMap Continued Support
ArcGIS 10.8.1 is the current release of ArcMap and will continue to be supported until March 1, 2026, as established in the ArcGIS Desktop Product Life Cycle. Esri plans to release ArcMap 10.8.2 near the end of 2021. This is a maintenance release only and will not include new functionality. This update will not extend the ArcGIS 10.8.x product life cycle. Esri does not have plans to release an ArcMap 10.9 with the ArcGIS releases in 2021. We understand there may be questions as to what’s next for ArcMap inside ArcGIS Desktop. By viewing the ArcMap Continued Support page, you will be able to find the answers to most, if not all, of your questions regarding continued support of ArcMap as well as resources to help you transition your work moving forward into several Esri products such as ArcGIS Pro.

Deprecation Notice for Explorer, Collector, and Tracker
ArcGIS Field Maps was launched in October 2020 and replaces the functionality of ArcGIS Collector, ArcGIS Explorer, and ArcGIS Tracker on the iOS and Android mobile platforms. These products (Collector, Explorer, Tracker) are currently available to download and are fully supported; however, they will be retired in December 2021.

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Working with 3D Using ArcGIS Pro
3D is becoming more and more popular, particularly for visualizing GIS data representing 3D phenomena. That popularity extends to workflows, too: more workflows than ever are incorporating 3D analyses like line of sight, viewshed and shadow analysis. This course teaches the fundamental concepts of 3D GIS. You’ll learn how to visualize, edit, model and analyze data in a 3D context.

View training solutions

Esri Canada Seminar

The New Storytelling Landscape: Connecting the Dots
September 21
Join us for this virtual seminar to discover how the ArcGIS system can assist with connecting the dots of your story. Learn about the Art of Storytelling and how to integrate ArcGIS for impact, insight, discovery and exploration.

View recorded seminars

Upcoming Webinars

Administering Your ArcGIS Online Organization with the ArcGIS API for Python – September 16
The ArcGIS API for Python is a powerful, modern and easy to use Pythonic library to perform GIS visualization and analysis, spatial data management and GIS system administration tasks that can run both in an interactive fashion, as well as using scripts. This webinar will focus on the use of the ArcGIS API for Python and ArcGIS Notebooks to administer your ArcGIS Online organization including managing content, users and groups.

Turn Drone Imagery into Timely Intelligence – September 22
Join this webinar to learn how ArcGIS can improve your imagery workflows, from flight planning and image capture all the way to imagery processing, analysis and generating products. Seamless and integrated, the ArcGIS imagery solutions provide end-to-end capabilities that employ distributed cloud computing and storage to rapidly process, store and share drone imagery products and timely intelligence across your organization.

How Esri’s new 3D capabilities enable our users to innovate (in French) – September 23
3D GIS helps you put conceptual ideas into real-world context and effectively communicate the results to decision makers and the public, allowing them to make better decisions. With the help of our special guest, Pierre Marcombe, BIM and innovations engineer at EBC, we’ll learn how to establish the foundations for creating a digital twin of your assets, including the initial phases of its life cycle. In this webinar, we’ll explore the new 3D innovations within ArcGIS, as well as the value of BIM, point clouds, CAD data and integrated meshing and what they bring to your business processes.

Design and Share Masterplans with ArcGIS Urban – September 30
ArcGIS Urban makes creating, editing, and managing land-use, zoning plans and impact assessment simple with an interactive 3D environment built with planners in mind. Urban can also be integrated with other components of ArcGIS to transform your work into detailed geodesigns. In this webinar, we will present core concepts of ArcGIS Urban and best practices for using Urban with ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Hub to help make better development decisions.

View recorded webinars

This post was translated to French and can be viewed here.

About the Author

George Kouroupis is the Director of Technology and Solutions for Esri Canada. His efforts are focused on advising customers and business partners on the latest ArcGIS trends and technologies. With over 35 years’ experience in software development, project management and product management, George takes a holistic and pragmatic approach to addressing customer’s technical and business problems.

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