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ArcGIS Utility Network - Episode 11 - Spatial Report

We have this saying in GIS that everything is somewhere. This certainly applies to the utilities industry. Location intelligence is essential for communications, water, electric, and gas utilities to manage complex networks that aim to maximize efficiency and minimize disruptions. To help us understand how utilities of all sizes and types can fully leverage ArcGIS, we are joined by our friend Jenny Fong. She is the Team Lead for Utility Technical Solutions at Esri Canada and is an invaluable resource for utility clients to understand the ArcGIS Utility Network.

00:00 - Introduction 00:47 - What is ArcGIS Utility Network?

02:22 - Who would use ArcGIS Utility Network?

03:19 - What is required to run ArcGIS Utility Network?

04:18 - When should utilities plan on moving to ArcGIS Utility Network?

05:24 - Why is it important for utilities to move to this?

06:48 - How can utilities get started?

10:18 - Where can you get more information?

11:51 - What are the three takeaways about ArcGIS Utility Network?

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