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Ensuring Fleet Reliability with Cityworks: Predictive & Preventative Maintenance

Dive deeper into the essential functionalities of Cityworks for fleet management. This video showcases how to manually input fleet asset readings, generate predictive maintenance work orders, and create cyclical schedules that align with manufacturer recommendations. It emphasizes the software’s role in minimizing downtime, reducing maintenance costs and extending the operational lifespan of municipal vehicles. 00:00 – Prologue 00:35 – Asset Readings 03:04 – Demonstration Introduction  03:19 – Fleet Assets Dashboard (Demo) 04:16 – Work Order: Asset Readings (Demo) 06:36 – Cyclical Work Maintenance: Fleet Components (Demo) 10:50 – Recap 12:25 – Epilogue For more information, please reach out to our team at  Product Webpage: #GIS #Cityworks #AssetManagement #EsriCanada