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Optimizing Preventative Maintenance with Cityworks: Traffic Sign Inspections

Learn the intricacies of traffic sign management through Cityworks AMS. This video covers everything from utilizing cartographic data visualization to identifying signs needing inspection, to the detailed process of inspecting and updating the status of each sign using Cityworks native mobile applications; demonstrating how maintaining up-to-date sign data helps in adhering to safety regulations and enhancing road safety for all users. 0:00 – Prologue 00:25 – Demonstration Introduction 00:54 – Dashboard (Demo) 02:17 – Creating an Inspection (Demo) 03:38 – Mobile App : Completing an Inspection (Demo) 07 :53 – ArcGIS Field Maps: Update the GIS (Demo) 08:50 – Inspection Review (Demo) 11:12 – Recap 12:47 - Epilogue For more information, please reach out to our team at  Product Webpage: #GIS #Cityworks #AssetManagement #EsriCanada #TrafficSigns