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Utilizing Location Intelligence for Cityworks Hydrant Inspection Programs

Discover the comprehensive capabilities of Cityworks AMS in managing hydrant inspections within municipal frameworks. Watch as we guide you through the process of using GIS mapping to locate hydrants, schedule inspections based on asset attributes and document each inspection with our mobile application. The demonstration highlights how real-time updates enhance decision-making and ensure that all hydrants are maintained in accordance with safety regulations, ready to perform in emergency situations. 00:00 – Prologue 00:29 – Demonstration Introduction 00:56 – Cityworks Dashboard (Demo) 02:35 – Selecting Hydrants using GIS (Demo) 03:53 – Create a Work Order for Inspections (Demo) 04:44 – Inspection Page (Demo) 05:15 – Completing an Inspection: Mobile App (Demo) 09:59 – Update the GIS: ArcGIS Field Maps (Demo) 11:37 – Inspection Review (Demo) 13:53 – Recap 15:55 – Epilogue For more information, please reach out to our team at  Product Webpage: #GIS #Cityworks #AssetManagement #EsriCanada #FireHydrants