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Process and visualize open data in real time

Identify quickly the nearest healthcare facility to transfer the injured when a road incident happens using ArcGIS Velocity and open datasets.

ArcGIS Velocity harnesses the power of open real-time datasets to provide users with dynamic insights and analytics. By integrating these datasets, users can monitor, analyze and visualize real-time data streams to make informed decisions swiftly. Whether it's tracking transportation patterns, monitoring weather conditions or managing IoT devices, ArcGIS Velocity empowers users to derive actionable intelligence from a variety of open data sources. This integration facilitates a deeper understanding of spatial-temporal trends, enhancing situational awareness and enabling proactive responses to evolving situations.

Leveraging traffic incident data from the City of Calgary within ArcGIS Velocity offers a comprehensive solution for traffic management and analysis. By integrating this real-time data, users can monitor traffic incidents such as accidents, road closures or construction activities in the city in real-time. ArcGIS Velocity enables visualizing these incidents on a map, providing stakeholders with a clear understanding of the current traffic situation. This integration facilitates proactive decision-making, enabling authorities to mitigate congestion, optimize traffic flow and enhance overall transportation efficiency within Calgary.

Real-time analysis in ArcGIS Velocity

In addition to monitoring traffic incidents, ArcGIS Velocity's real-time analytics capabilities further enhance emergency response efforts in Calgary. By integrating real-time traffic incident data with hospital locations, the system can swiftly identify the closest hospital equipped to handle the injured in the event of a road accident. This functionality ensures that emergency responders can make informed decisions regarding patient transfers, minimizing response times and maximizing the chances of timely medical intervention. By leveraging spatial-temporal analysis, ArcGIS Velocity optimizes emergency services, ultimately contributing to saving lives and improving overall public safety in the City of Calgary.

About the Author

Maryam Bazargani is a Senior Technical Solutions Specialist for Esri Canada’s Connected Communities and Emerging Technologies Program. As a GIS specialist, she delivers innovative geospatial solutions adapted to public health, transportation, public safety and IOT industries. Passionate about GIS, she loves to help people visualize their data in a new way that brings them insights and more fully answers their needs.

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