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New Command and Control Software Enhances Tactical Team Awareness & Peer-to-peer Communication

ArcGIS Mission is a command and control and tactical team awareness software solution that provides organizations with a comprehensive understanding of an operating environment. Team members can track, monitor, and coordinate movement via location sharing and peer-to-peer (P2P) communication.

Does your organization need to:

  • Communicate and collaborate with team members?
  • Access real-time updates?
  • Increase transparency and accountability?
  • Reduce the number of products used for situational awareness?

Today, organizations are looking to add tactical team awareness to their operations, which delivers accurate and timely information at the tactical level for both the command center and teams in the field. ArcGIS Mission delivers dynamic, real-time information to team members in the field and allows personnel to seamlessly relay messages and observations to each other and the command center, even in disconnected environments. This makes it possible for team members to coordinate their activities, share their locations, and make better decisions.

ArcGIS Mission Manager on computer monitor

Deliver timely, tactical information from the command center to teams in the field.

Streamlined Workflow

Many situational awareness solutions do not provide a streamlined workflow experience for missions. These solutions also make it difficult to load data onto field devices and keep that information current. ArcGIS Mission solves these problems. ArcGIS Mission is a single solution that supports the full range of workflows conducted before, during, and after a mission, event, or operation. This includes peer-to-peer communication between team members and the command center. ArcGIS Mission also captures information exchanged and collected during missions and stores them in ArcGIS, allowing organizations to review and analyze them to gain new insights and make smarter decisions. ArcGIS Mission pulls all these functions together into a single unified solution.


ArcGIS Mission displayed on smartphone screen

Stay connected with your team

ArcGIS Mission at the 2021 National Security Seminar

This year's National Security Seminar is going virtual, and Esri Canada's Security & Intelligence team is excited to meet you in the new conference format. Join us on Wednesday, May 5 from 1 to 4:30 p.m. ET, and see how GIS is helping Intelligence professionals collaborate and create a better understanding. See more of ArcGIS Mission during the GIS Solutions for Situational Awareness and Mission Management presentation, starting at 2:15 p.m. ET. Explore the other opportunities to connect with the team at NSS in the online agenda.

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