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ArcGIS AllSource: a new all-in-one solution for actionable intelligence

ArcGIS AllSource is a new standalone desktop application from Esri with custom toolbars designed for intelligence analysts working across several domains. It provides specialized tools and intelligence workflows for analysts working with 2D/3D maps, imagery, timelines, link and graph analysis, in order to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in their data. AllSource is a fully supported desktop application that replaces the former ArcGIS Pro Intelligence solution.

Building off decades of innovation and support for the Intelligence community, Esri has developed a new product focused on the Intelligence Analysts (IAs). IAs collect and analyze information from multiple sources in order to detect patterns and predict outcomes. They are expected to analyze large amounts of data to deal with dynamic situations efficiently often with limited resources. Whether they need to conduct movement analysis, perform investigative analysis, or assess potential threats, AllSource is the all-in-one solution to support these intelligence tasks.

Integrate data from multiple sources, visualize and analyze data, and share actionable intelligence with ArcGIS AllSource

ArcGIS AllSource integrates and analyzes multiple sources for actionable intelligence.

IAs have typically relied on GIS professionals to help them complete their geospatial tasks as part of their analytical work. ArcGIS AllSource now enables these IAs to fuse spatial and non-spatial data to support a true all source workflow and provide insights to decision makers. With ArcGIS AllSource, analysts have a single user experience with some of the GIS capabilities of 3D Analyst, LocateXT, Image Analyst, and Spatial Analyst extensions embedded within the single AllSource application. All these tools are configured with a custom user interface to support common intelligence workflows that best meet your organizational needs.  

AllSource can perform end-to-end analysis by integrating and exploring multiple sources of information, from structured and unstructured data to imagery and videos, and helping IAs communicate their findings through rich multidimensional visualization. It can use 2D/3D maps, imagery, timelines, graphs, and link charts to discover and analyze relationships in your data. It can help analysts in identifying key people, places, events, relationships, and patterns during their investigation. AllSource is also interoperable and extensible, connecting with your existing ArcGIS systems, and enabling intelligence professionals to access and share data across multiple domains in either connected, disconnected and air-gapped networks.

Analysts use AllSource for Data Integration, Multidimensional Visualization, Advanced Analytics, and Intelligence

AllSource for Data Integration, Multidimensional Visualization, Advanced Analytics, and Intelligence Production

There are some key benefits of using ArcGIS AllSource:  

  • Integrating multiple sources of data to conduct multi-dimensional visualization, advanced analysis, and intelligence production in one single desktop environment.  
  • Scaling up to support many intelligence tasks from operational planning at the headquarters to generating tactical decision aids at the tactical edge.  
  • Making it easy to leverage your existing datasets and connect to your existing systems, by complying with current industry standards.  
  • Sharing your results with your colleagues for situational awareness and better-informed decision-making.   

The first desktop version of ArcGIS AllSource was released by Esri on 30 March 2023. This initial release has similar features and functional parity with ArcGIS Pro Intelligence, with more capabilities coming in future releases. Note that the ArcGIS Pro Intelligence configuration will no longer be available as of the ArcGIS Pro 3.1 release.   

In summary, ArcGIS AllSource is a new tailored solution built for the needs of IAs who analyze all sources of data and perform intelligence workflows. It allows IAs to do all their spatial and non-spatial analysis tasks in one seamless desktop environment.  

Esri Canada will be demonstrating ArcGIS AllSource at the upcoming Canadian Intelligence Conference (CANIC) on May 16th in Ottawa and at the Defence and Security CANSEC tradeshow on May 31st and June 1st at the Ottawa Ernst & Young Centre.  

For more information, users can visit the product page

Or download the brochure.

About the Author

Pierre A. Bilodeau is the Defence and Security Industry Manager at Esri Canada. His efforts are focused on advising customers how to use GIS technology to support their mission planning, situational awareness, and decision making activities. Pierre joined Esri Canada in 2008 after 32 years of service as a Military Engineer Officer, including 18 years with the Defence Geospatial community. Pierre believes that all you need to succeed is a good plan, a “map” to get there, and the courage to press on to your destination. Map on!

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