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Why is Esri Canada one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies?

We are excited and honoured to be recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for 2019! Hear what our employees have to say about this achievement.

In April, Esri Canada joined hundreds of other companies at the Arcadian Court in downtown Toronto to celebrate another year of being named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

Canada’s Best Managed Companies is the country’s leading business awards program, recognizing excellence in private Canadian-owned companies. Each year, hundreds of entrepreneurial companies undergo a rigorous application process, but only the best are awarded with this prestigious designation.

This year’s award is especially significant because Esri Canada achieved Platinum Club membership, the highest level in the program, for having retained its Best Managed status for seven years. It’s a great way to celebrate Esri Canada’s 35th year in business!

But instead of letting the award speak for itself, I asked a couple of our employees what it’s like to work for one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies and why Esri Canada deserves the award.

A fun workplace where people share a love for maps

Mark Ho is a technical solutions specialist based in our Vancouver office. He has had the opportunity to work at Esri, both in the US and Canada, for over two decades and after all these years, he still loves every second of it.

“Being at Esri Canada is a dream for any data scientist. You have access to the latest technologies. You are encouraged to experiment and learn. You are surrounded by like-minded colleagues who have the same interests you do. If you are naturally curious, love solving problems and are not afraid to push the limits of your knowledge, you will fit right in at Esri Canada! 

This flexible and collaborative culture starts at the top. Esri Canada is managed in a way where it never feels corporate. There are no punch clocks here. Because our organizational structure is relatively flat, you are never far away from the latest technology innovations and advancements. There are always new and interesting challenges to take on. Esri provides the leadership, resources and support to ensure its customers and employees succeed.

I love working at Esri Canada because I love working with the best people. We all share a common bond – WE LOVE MAPS! We all have a passion for the world around us and how our platform can make it better. And we love sharing our stories and expertise with our users.

Bottom line – Esri Canada is a fun place to be every day. I always feel I belong to a family.”

A diverse, collaborative and inclusive workplace

Senela Cocoli is a team lead with Customer Care in Toronto. She has been with the company for 14 years.

“What I most like about working at Esri Canada is the diversity of my job, the people I work with who are ever helpful, respectful and fun-loving, and the culture of collaboration, inclusiveness and support.

Esri Canada continues to grow and lead in the tech sector, especially in the GIS community. Our work environment is safe, flexible and respectful. I am proud to work for a company that is a good corporate citizen with moral values.”

Esri Canada’s corporate responsibility focuses on improving the environment, economy and society. Our company has won several awards for our green roof and corporate giving initiatives.

Working together to better our world

Adam Fox has worn many hats during his career at Esri Canada. He worked as a GIS consultant and account manager for several years before becoming the director for Ontario Region.

“Esri Canada is a unique employer in that they really care about the individual development of employees. There are lots of opportunities for new positions, soft skills training and technology training, with a lot of variety in between.

I really enjoy working with our users and helping them be successful. We work with our users and partners on cool new applications and we help them get the most out of their GIS. They are always amazing us with new uses of our technology.

Even though we are a high-tech company working with the most advanced GIS technology in the world, it comes down to the people and the management at the company that we work with daily. We have a rich, talented pool of resources and everyone has the same focus – helping our users and advancing the technology to better our world. We have a lot of fun at the company too with activities like company picnics, events and user conferences, but it’s the day-to-day relationships with our users and our coworkers that make it so much better.”

(L-R) Adam Fox, Ontario Region director with John Kitchen, vice president and general manager, and Dan Bulger, director of support services at the Canada’s Best Managed Companies gala.

As a new employee myself, I can attest to how well Esri Canada is run and the level of expertise and diversity that exists in the company. There are opportunities to advance in the company within or outside of your department. There is a general sense of pride in the mission to make GIS accessible to everybody and make a positive impact in our community and the world.

Find out for yourself what it’s like to work for one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. Visit our Careers page.

About the Author

Vanessa Finnie is a Marketing Specialist with Esri Canada. She is passionate about connecting people with the right products or services to improve their lives. What fascinates her about GIS is that the technology can be applied to all concerns and plays a part in shaping the world around us. In her spare time, she likes to travel and can usually be found planning her next adventure.

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