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Streamline workflows with tasks in ArcGIS Pro

Spring is in the air! Take a break from spring cleaning and consider learning a new ArcGIS Pro skill. How about saving time and ensuring consistency by streamlining your team’s workflows with tasks?

What is a task in ArcGIS Pro?

A task is a set of preconfigured steps that guide you and others through a workflow or business process. A task can be used to implement a best-practice workflow, improve the efficiency of a workflow or create a series of interactive tutorial steps. All kinds of workflows, whether simple or complex, can be made into tasks—regardless of your experience level.

Check out this GeoSnap video showing a task in action and describing how to control which map layers are visible for which steps within a task.

If you’d like to get to know tasks better, come join us in our instructor-led course: Optimizing GIS Workflows with Tasks in ArcGIS Pro. In this course, you’ll use a task created for you, learn how to design and create your own tasks, share a task for others to use and discover best practices to simplify and optimize your GIS workflows using this tool.

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About the Author

Melanie is an Instructor on the National Training Team at Esri Canada. She has been working with GIS for over 15 years and currently teaches courses on ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online.

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