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News Roundup – November 2023

How is Toronto’s urban noise problem being tackled using geospatial technology? How are organizations figuring out where to go next with their geospatial technology to transform their business? How are different government departments planning for emergencies and mapping the interior of their facilities? Learn more in the News Roundup for October 2023.

Feature Stories

Map of the Month: Sable Island
November’s Map of the Month is “Sable Island” by Lost Art Cartography. Sable Island is a sandy island in the north Atlantic, situated 160km from the nearest landfall in mainland Nova Scotia. The map discusses the ecology of the island with a particular focus on wildlife. 

Geographical Thinking: Season 4 | Episode 4 – Solving Toronto’s Urban Noise Problem with GIS and Mapping Tools
Did you know noise is the number two urban environmental health hazard, and that it affects our sleep, our bodies and our minds? Ingrid Buday, founder of No More Noise Toronto, is making a ruckus about excessive noise in the big city before noise by-laws are reviewed. In this episode of Geographical Thinking, she tells Guan Yue how she’s taken matters into her own hands. 

Listen to the latest episode of Geographical Thinking here. 

Guiding Through the Wildfire: Crucial Resources to Keep You Informed
Learn about the latest wildfire smoke forecast layer and other essential resources in the Living Atlas. 

The World in French? There’s a basemap for that.
“It’s great to see Esri provide good quality, French specific mapping content made freely available! It’s so important to create multilingual content of all scales to encourage and foster the use and preservation of our French language.”

It’s been a long time coming - Entering your NextGen Era
As Canada continues to move steadily forward towards fully implementing Next Generation (NG) 9-1-1 and geodetic call routing, 9-1-1 authorities and local government agencies across the country are taking a closer look at the GIS data that they will be required to provision to their 9-1-1 network provider.

GIS growth and the Advantage Program (part 1 of 3)
When considering use of geospatial data and products, what do municipal and provincial governments and resource, transportation, utility, health, AEC and education organizations all have in common? All have made investments into GIS software, infrastructure and personnel. Despite having a wide range of unique business cases, all these types of organizations have had to ask themselves: where do I start, and how do I get where I need to go? Esri Canada’s Advantage Program helps organizations find the answers.

Keep on time, stay on target for your instructor-led online course
You’ve got a course coming up. Yay! But things can go wrong, and we want you to have a smooth and fulfilling experience. There are some things that you can do to make your training better.

Esri News

Esri Book Teaches Human Geography Using Interactive Maps and Data for a Unique Perspective
October 2, 2023

Esri Releases New Guide for Readers with Little to No Previous Experience with ArcGIS Pro
October 2, 2023

New Edition of Esri's ArcGIS Pro Guide Is Revised and Streamlined for Learning Latest Workflows
October 2, 2023

New Esri Book Provides Accessible Understanding of the Most Widely Used ArcGIS Spatial Statistics Tools
October 2, 2023

Esri Book Demonstrates How Organizations Can Improve Environmental Protections amid Climate Change
October 4, 2023

Esri Recognizes Partner Excellence in Serving Infrastructure Customers
October 10, 2023

California HHS Wins NASCIO Award for Hazard Dashboard Powered by Esri
October 20, 2023


ArcUser: Interactive Maps Tell the Story of Modern Risk Mitigation in Florida
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) mandates that every US state create a five-year hazard mitigation plan that gives priority to community vulnerability and climate forecasts. Instead of producing a 500-page report, the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) is meeting this FEMA mandate in a new way by employing interactive maps to make the plan more user-friendly.

Read the latest issue of ArcUser online.

ArcNews: Detailed Indoor Maps Help First Responders During School Emergencies
When there is an emergency at a school—an earthquake, a child in need of medical assistance, or (unfortunately) an active shooter—it is imperative that first responders have a detailed map of the campus’s indoor and outdoor spaces. This helps streamline response efforts and reduces the time it takes to get to key locations. Here’s how the Denco Area 9-1-1 District in Denton County, Texas worked with Esri partner GeoComm on an indoor mapping solution based in ArcGIS Online.

Read the latest issue of ArcNews online. 

WhereNext Magazine: A Location-Savvy Group Behind the Construction Boom
As a massive construction boom takes shape, HDR leverages GIS technology to deliver projects efficiently and equitably.

Video: Managing Operations and Facilities with Indoor Mapping
In this recording from the 2023 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit, Tamara Davis, GIS manager for King County, Washington, explores how the county is modernizing facilities management using Indoor GIS.

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Dani Pacey is a Marketing Specialist for Esri Canada. She digitized her first map at the tender age of 10 and has been fascinated by the relationships between people and places ever since. An avid technical communicator with degrees in Science & Technology Studies from York University and History of Science & Technology from the University of King's College, Dani has always blended science, social science and the humanities and loves bringing them all together to tell great stories about human life.

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