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News Roundup – May 2022

How is the City of Moncton using GIS to make its operations more efficient? What are Esri Canada’s partners doing to find success in 2022? What are the advantages of preparing early for NG 9-1-1? Learn more in the May News Roundup.

Feature Stories

Map of the Month: McIntosh Run Singletrack System Trailhead Map
May 2022’s Map of the Month is “McIntosh Run Singletrack System Trailhead Map”, by the McIntosh Run Watershed Association. The map showcases the McIntosh Run Singletrack System, which has over 23 km of trails and provides a sustainable wilderness experience to trail users. Visit the Map Calendar Hub to see the full map as well as resources we’ve curated on the theme of trails.

Geographical Thinking Podcast: Season 2 | Episode 16: Team Rubicon Canada
Team Rubicon Canada, a volunteer team of veterans, first responders and tough civilians, uses GIS in its efforts to help the underinsured and the uninsured when their communities have been struck by natural disasters. Greg McGrath convinced the team that using GIS would ease their efforts. He joins Geographical Thinking to share that journey.

Listen to the latest episode of Geographical Thinking here.

Paperless Data Collection in the City of Moncton
Learn how the City of Moncton Water & Wastewater Department is using ArcGIS to transform its operations using efficient digital tools.

A simple tool for translating business problems into geo-solutions
The Geospatial Solution Canvas, a simple tool from Esri Canada’s director of management consulting, Matthew Lewin, helps you break down business problems, then devise solutions powered by geospatial technology. Read this blog post to get the full method as well as an example of how to use it.

Get to know public health at Esri Canada: Brian Mosley
In the latest installment of our series introducing you to Esri Canada’s public health team, Vanessa Finnie chats with Brian Mosley about what led him to pursue GIS as a career and his journey to Esri Canada—as well as how he spends his time outside of work.

Canadian Partner Successes at the 2022 Esri Partner Conference
Being in person to celebrate our partners at the Esri Partner Conference in Palm Springs, California felt great! At the conference, two Canadian companies were celebrated for their work in GIS, one of whom was additionally awarded the Web GIS Transformation Award. Learn more about the winners.

Indoor Mapping for Smarter Buildings at the University of Oxford
Using indoor mapping can provide quick access to safety information during emergencies, give building visitors directions and help with space management. This leads to a stronger bottom line and a safer, more comfortable occupant experience. Learn about how the University of Oxford unlocked exactly these kinds of benefits when they brought their CAD data into a GIS environment.

How to leverage GIS in telecommunications
How can a telecom operator, big or small, deliver high-quality communications services to the public while managing the everyday pressures of the business? Is there a silver bullet? Read more to see what the answer is and how GIS might be part of that solution.

GIS patterns of use for water utilities
Location matters to almost everything that water utilities do, whether it’s customer service, managing a capital plan, or operations and maintenance. Learn more about how applying the geographic approach can improve business outcomes and streamline workflows.

5 advantages of starting now to prepare for NG 9-1-1
Next-generation 9-1-1 will become a reality for Canada in 2025. But there are some major hurdles to overcome in the next three years. This blog post highlights five advantages of adapting your operations to the new requirements as soon as possible.


Esri News

Esri Announces Expansion of Operations in Colorado
April 25, 2022

Esri Brings Powerful Mapping Technology to Everyone with New Storytelling Tool
April 20, 2022

Esri Releases Annual Update of Ready-to-Use US Census Bureau Data for ArcGIS Users
April 4, 2022



Case Study: City of Calgary Monitors System Health with Enterprise GIS Optimization Tool
The Geospatial Business Solutions (GBS) division, part of the Corporate Analytics & Innovation business unit in the City of Calgary, has many resources and processes that rely on the overall enterprise GIS working well each day. The GBS team deployed ArcGIS Monitor, which has yielded an array of benefits such as better troubleshooting and less lost work time.

ArcUser: Offering Hope to Those Left Behind in Afghanistan
When the last of the United States’ forces left Afghanistan in summer 2021, more than 120,000 people were evacuated from the country over a period of a few weeks. GIS is enabling organizations to support evacuations through a tracking dashboard that uses open-source intelligence.

Read the latest issue of ArcUser online.

ArcNews: Voice Technology and Location Data Transform Community Engagement in Canada
Early in 2021, Durham Region challenged small- and medium-sized enterprises to help make regional services more accessible to the public. In response, Esri startup partner and voice technology company Qwhery, Inc. developed myDurham 311, a tool that integrates with ArcGIS technology and is designed to help users access regional information through smart home devices.

Read the latest issue of ArcNews online.

WhereNext: Fast Four: With Infrastructure in Focus, the AEC Industry Innovates
In this roundup of four short interviews, industry experts in architecture, engineering and construction examine the recent innovations that have distinguished the AEC industry. They also discuss innovations that will drive a massive infrastructure overhaul in the years ahead.

Esri & The Science of Where Podcast: Preserving the Most Beautiful Places on Earth—And the Most Resilient
Mark Anderson, director of conservation science for The Nature Conservancy’s Center for Resilient Conservation Science, discusses the latest findings on climate change-resilient ecosystems. Esri conservation solutions director David Gadsden investigates how geospatial technology is helping The Nature Conservancy capture a more dynamic view of biodiversity and climate change.

Video: Igniting Public Support for a Network of Marine Protected Areas
How do you tell the story of a faraway place that’s out in the middle of the ocean? Mission Blue’s goal is to ignite public support for a network of marine protected areas through ecologically important places called Hope Spots. Learn how they’ve used Esri’s tools to bring the ocean to the world in approachable and thrilling ways.

This post was translated to French and can be viewed here.

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