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News Roundup – April 2024

How is one Canadian not-for-profit using GIS to foster biodiversity right in people’s backyards? What are Indigenous communities doing to engage effectively with complex mining processes? How is GIS helping with geothermal energy exploration in North America’s Great Basin region? Learn more in the News Roundup for April 2024.

Feature Stories

Map of the Month: 2023 British Columbia TSA and TFL
April 2024’s map showcases the network of natural resource districts and forest tenure areas/types that are part of the sustainable use of British Columbia’s forest resources. Timber supply areas (TSAs) represent distinct zones with primarily volume-based tenure, while tree farm licenses (TFLs) symbolize area-based tenure zones with rights to harvest timber and manage and conserve forests, recreation and cultural heritage resources. The map portrays the distribution of these tenure areas, highlighting designated regions where sustainable logging and timber harvesting occur.

Esri Canada attains ISO 27001:2013 certification
Earlier in 2024, Esri Canada attained ISO 27001:2013 certification. ISO 27001 is one of the most rigorous security and compliance standards for information security management systems recognized globally. With this certification, you can be assured that our company’s information security practices meet the highest industry standard, demonstrating our commitment to customer data protection, confidentiality and integrity.

Geographical Thinking: Season 4 | Episode 11: Planting Seeds of Change
In this episode of Geographical Thinking, we'll learn how the Network of Nature uses GIS and geospatial technology to foster biodiversity, ecological restoration and sustainability.

Listen to the latest episode of Geographical Thinking here.

GIS in Mining: Strengthening Indigenous Communities
In the heart of Canada's mining landscape lies a crucial barrier: how can communities effectively engage with and understand the complexities of mining processes? This question forms the crux of our dialogue with Jenny Campbell, a Policy Analyst deeply engaged in the Anishinabek Nation's community development and mining resource management. 

Meet the Esri Canada Podcasts Team
Having recently welcomed a new host to the Geographical Thinking podcast in January 2024, we wanted to take the opportunity to formally introduce you to the voices behind the Esri Canada podcasts!

Process and visualize open data in real time
Identify quickly the nearest healthcare facility to transfer the injured when a road incident happens using ArcGIS Velocity and open datasets.

A new purchasing option for online orders: Authorization to Invoice
The Esri Canada Store is your one-stop online shop for ArcGIS Pro, associated extensions, ArcGIS Online user types, credits and premium apps. As of February 2024, we've added a new way to get the technology you need: you can now request that Esri Canada invoice you when you place your online order.

“I need utility network training and I don’t know where to start!”
Unfortunately, implementing a utility network is not as easy as running a tool and presto… it’s done! A utility network is a lot of work. That’s why we’re here to help.

Esri News

Esri and Prince Sultan University Advance GIS Education Through Strategic Partnership
March 29, 2024

Esri Saudi Arabia and King Saud University Form Strategic Partnership to Advance GIS Education and Research
March 29, 2024

Esri Releases New Book Designed to Improve Efficiency of Mobile Work
March 21, 2024

Esri’s Dr. Dawn Wright Selected for 2024 US Science Envoys
March 13, 2024

Esri Recognizes Partners for Innovation and Excellence
March 11, 2024


ArcUser: Cities Save Lives by Mapping Communities Most at Risk from Extreme Heat
Deaths from extreme summer heat are preventable. As temperatures climb, public health officials are using maps to find the communities that are most threatened. In Tennessee, Oregon, New York and other areas, public health teams are featuring online maps that highlight neighborhoods most likely to experience extreme heat.

Read the latest issue of ArcUser online.

ArcNews: GIS-Based Predictions Advance Geothermal Energy Exploration
In North America’s Great Basin region, there are about 30 operating geothermal power plants with a combined capacity of more than one gigawatt. But there are still many untapped geothermal systems in the region that remain hidden underground and have an estimated potential of 30 gigawatts, which could provide electricity to more than 20 million homes. Researchers at the Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy are using geospatial technology to better understand the earth’s subsurface.

Read the latest issue of ArcNews online. 

WhereNext Magazine: On-Site with a Construction Industry Digital Twin
One multinational construction firm has enlisted GIS software and other tech to improve building projects by coordinating daily activities and accelerating project delivery.

Video: Video Case Study: Green Valley Water
Watch this video to learn how Green Valley Water—which serves the Town of Payson, Arizona, and its surrounding areas—is using the latest technology to optimize its GIS.

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Dani Pacey is a Marketing Specialist for Esri Canada. She digitized her first map at the tender age of 10 and has been fascinated by the relationships between people and places ever since. An avid technical communicator with degrees in Science & Technology Studies from York University and History of Science & Technology from the University of King's College, Dani has always blended science, social science and the humanities and loves bringing them all together to tell great stories about human life.

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