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#myGISmoment - I know mine, what’s yours?

Over the course of 30 years, Esri Canada has enjoyed many great moments. We know that as a geogeek you have had many, too. We want to know what your big GIS moments were and we have just the app to map them. Read more to find out what it is.

Birthdays always make you look back. As Esri Canada turns 30 this year, we’ve been doing a lot of that. Sharing stories, digging up old pictures, geeking out over product launches of the past—there have been many great moments to share, not to mention some classic photos. This one of our president, Alex Miller, from the Spring issue of ArcNorth News comes to mind.

But you’ve probably heard enough about us, so we think it’s about time that you got in on the action. We want you to share your GIS moments through Twitter on a nifty app we’ve created called #myGISmoment.

Tweet your GIS moments to populate the map on the #myGISmoment app.

Using the hashtag #myGISmoment, we’re calling on all Canuck geogeeks to tweet their GIS moments so we can collect and map your collective memories according to the places they happened. So, what exactly is a GIS moment? Good question (if you thought it). It’s really anything you feel it should be. It could be your first GIS project, or meeting a GIS hero for the first time, or a breakthrough experience you had that involved GIS, or maybe it’s your geogeek AHA! moment when you realized you had to stop fighting it: you were destined to be a geo-nerd and roll with it was your only option.

Whatever your #myGISmoment happens to be, just make sure it’s tied to a location and, if you can, include a picture or a link. They always make things a little more fun. For example, in #myGISmoment tweet, I included a map of a subway project I wrote about—my first GIS article!—that is using GIS to organize, manage and share information.

Notice that I included the city and province, followed by a period, directly in my tweet. By doing this, I geocoded the tweet in Toronto, ON. If you don’t list a city or province followed by a period in your tweet, the app uses the location that you’ve defined in your Twitter profile.

If you’re planning to attend our Toronto UC on Oct. 7th, you'll find the app and your #myGISmoment tweets on display in real-time at our social media table. We’re also featuring a 40-foot long banner that shares special moments in time in Esri Canada’s history. Come by and check it all out.

So enough of the talk—let’s see what you’ve got. Climb into the cockpit of your personal memory time machine, cruise back to those GIS moments that had a big impact on you and tweet them. If you have more than one, tweet them all. The more moments the merrier. Let’s see what we can all come up with.