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Events & Training Roundup - July 2016

Here’s a snapshot of upcoming events: fall User Conferences, a webinar on What Can You Do with Survey123 for ArcGIS, a course on Deploying and Maintaining a Multiuser Geodatabase and much more.


What Can You Do with Survey123 for ArcGIS?
July 21, 1-2 pm (ET)
This webinar will introduce you to Survey123 for ArcGIS, a new app that provides a complete workflow for creating, sharing and analyzing smart form-based surveys. You will begin by reviewing the different ArcGIS apps for field data collection and illustrating when Survey123 for ArcGIS would be your best solution. You will then learn how to build, deploy and collect data with surveys. The session will conclude by showing how to visualize and analyze the data collected using ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS for Desktop and other apps.


2016 Versadex Users Best Practice Training Workshop
Toronto, ON
September 19-22

Esri Canada User Conferences

Edmonton User Conference
Edmonton, AB
September 20

Toronto User Conference
Toronto, ON
October 5

Ottawa User Conference
Ottawa, ON
October 20

Fredericton User Conference
Fredericton, NB
October 25-26

Vancouver User Conference
Vancouver, BC
November 2

Regina User Conference
Regina, Saskatchewan
November 15, 2016

St. John’s User Conference
St. John’s, NL
November 23, 2016

Our annual User Conferences (UCs) continue to be the best opportunity to discover exciting new developments in Esri’s GIS solutions and to network with your peers and industry experts. Find out more about these opportunities in the Esri Canada UC Story Map.


ArcGIS 3: Performing Analysis
July 14-15, 9 am-5 pm (ET)
This course teaches a standard workflow you can apply to any spatial analysis project. Working with a variety of ArcGIS tools and data, you will perform different types of analyses to efficiently create reliable results that support informed decision making. This course is taught using ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced and some course exercises use tools provided in the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension.

Deploying and Maintaining a Multiuser Geodatabase
July 27-28, 9am-5pm (ET)
This course prepares you to successfully create a multiuser geodatabase to store and manage your organization's geographic data. You will learn about the multiuser geodatabase architecture, configuration options and techniques to efficiently load data, assign user permissions and maintain database performance over time. Course concepts apply to both enterprise and workgroup geodatabases.