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ArcGIS Field Maps at a Glance

Field work is an essential function in many industries, such as Utilities and Public Works. The more easily and efficiently field staff can collect data, identify assets and track their locations, the more effectively field staff can perform their jobs and support the organization. Similarly, the more awareness management has of work done in the field, the more effectively they can manage field operations.

What is ArcGIS Field Maps?

ArcGIS Field Maps combine data collection, map viewing and location tracking into a single app that is easy to use and simple to deploy. You can think of Field Maps as combining the capabilities of ArcGIS Collector, ArcGIS Tracker and ArcGIS Explorer into one app. 

Collecting data

  • Field Maps allows you to collect data on a map enabled for editing using a single button within the app.
  • You can specify a feature template for editing and organize attributes using smart forms.

View and configure map layers

Viewing maps in Field Maps works the same way as it does in ArcGIS Collector and ArcGIS Explorer.

  • Field Maps Overflow Menu allows you to change your basemap, view your map legend, measure between different points on your map and access bookmarks.
  • The Share Maps tool allows you to share maps with others.
  • The Field Maps layers menu enables you to see all the layers in your map and toggle them on and off.
  • Field Maps also supports indoor mapping. 

Sketch and add markers with markup

  • Add labels and notes to markers and sketches and change their colour.
  • Markup is saved as a layer on your device.
  • You can use markup with any map.
  • Updates to maps do not affect your markup layers.

Location tracking with Field Maps

Field Maps supports location tracking for organizations that have enabled location tracking and which have assigned ArcGIS licenses to their relevant accounts.

  • Enables supervisors the past and present locations of mobile workers.
  • View and record your tracks and choose the timeframe of tracks to display.
  • Tracking can be turned on and off as needed.

Supports off-line work

If your crews will be working in an area with an unreliable Internet connection, Field Maps still allows you to work by creating map areas.

  • Create a map area to view assets and collect data.
  • The map areas package data, basemaps and attachments within a defined portion of the map
  • The package can be downloaded to field crews’ devices, data can be viewed and collected while offline.
  • Once the map area is downloaded to a device, it can be synced and updated as Internet becomes available.

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