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A new purchasing option for online orders: Authorization to Invoice

The Esri Canada Store is your one-stop online shop for ArcGIS Pro, associated extensions, ArcGIS Online user types, credits and premium apps. As of February 2024, we've added a new way to get the technology you need: you can now request that Esri Canada invoice you when you place your online order.

A new purchasing option arrives on the scene! Now, the Esri Canada Store gives you the ability to request to be invoiced upon placing your online order. No need to wait to get the geospatial software you need.

"As Esri Canada continues to modernize our online experience for our customers, we are excited to announce our new ‘Authorize to Invoice’ option. This gives our customers more options to get faster access to their ArcGIS software on the Esri Canada store,” says Adam Fox, executive director of sales at Esri Canada.

An e-commerce order page with two main sections: “Order Information” on the left, and “Order Summary” on the right. Of note is the “Payment Information” section on the bottom left, which includes options to pay by credit card or purchase order; there is also an option to authorize the payee (in this case Esri Canada) to issue the purchaser an invoice.

At checkout, simply choose to pay with a credit card, a purchase order or the new Authorization to Invoice option. 

"Our customers needed an option that would allow them to take purchasing requests back to their accounts payable departments," said Remi McCann, Esri Canada's manager of customer care operations. "Using the new Authorization to Invoice option allows those customers to get what they need now and pay later."

Please note that orders large enough to require additional internal approval and being placed using non-credit-card options close to the end of the business day or after hours will be processed online the following business day.

The nitty-gritty of purchasing using the new Authorization to Invoice option

If your organization already has purchase order authorization, using the new Authorization to Invoice option is simple.

To buy using Authorization to Invoice, you must be a Canadian company, not an individual. Like buying with a purchase order, the option to buy online using Authorization to Invoice is currently applicable to ArcGIS Online user types, credits, ArcGIS Pro, associated extensions and premium apps. 

Once logged into the Esri Canada Store, you can browse our growing selection of over 80 products, get details about each one and see its price. When you want to purchase a product, click the Buy Now button, add the product to your cart and begin the process of checking out. This gives you the option to pay now by credit card, or pay later by entering your purchase order number, your sales proposal number or your contact information to be invoiced.

Choose Authorization to Invoice and Esri Canada will send you an invoice, which can be paid using credit card, electronic funds transfer or cheque. Orders made via online purchase orders are subject to the same payment terms as offline purchases. 

Great news: you no longer need to log into your My Esri account to see prices on the Esri Canada Store. You will be prompted to log in at checkout instead.

Some items are currently not available in the Esri Canada Store. For these and other items, you still have the option to order through traditional channels.

Faster fulfillment, 24/7 availability and convenience with the Esri Canada Store 

In summary, the Esri Canada Store offers you the ability to:

  • Get what you need at top speed: Orders that you place through the Esri Canada Store are instantly fulfilled, meaning you can get started with your projects right away.
  • Shop from your home office or on-site: No need to wait until you’re at your work phone: get the technology you’re looking for from wherever you’re located.
  • Easy returns: For online purchases within the last 30 days, Esri customers can initiate a refund request for eligible products directly from the Store Purchases page in My Esri.
  • Save yourself time: By ordering through the Esri Canada Store, you won’t need to wait to speak to a customer service representative to input your order—just click and go.

We're updating the product selection on the Esri Canada Store all the time, so be sure to check back frequently.

Visit the Esri Canada Store now to check out the Authorization to Invoice feature and explore your favourite products.

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