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Episode 14: Planning the Future of Housing

Planning and ArcGIS Pro are front and centre in this podcast. We’ll learn about how data-driven analysis and mapping technology can help address Canada’s housing crisis. Plus, our GeoGeek is here to give us a sneak peek of the latest release of ArcGIS Pro.   

What's Making Us Mappy [2:41]  

Our hosts share one cool thing that is catching their eye in the world of ArcGIS. 

Maggie marvels at the captivating creations of the Esri User Conference Map Gallery. From shimmering sea sparkle to rink magic of NHL teams, she showcases her top picks from 2023. Don’t miss your chance to shine, submit your maps by June 6!   

Mark takes into the world of StoryScapes. He highlights this monthly magazine curated by Esri Inc's ArcGIS StoryMaps team. With each issue, a new theme unfolds, offering a unique glimpse into captivating narratives through the lens of ArcGIS StoryMaps stories. Mark explores the recent, which delved into the enchanting realm of dark skies, just in time for the solar eclipse. Check out StoryScape to experience the captivating power of geography-based storytelling. 

Inside the Arc [7:12]   

Feature interview that provides our audience exclusive insights into an Esri product or capability.  

Housing availability and affordability are top concerns for Canadians everywhere. Access to data and understanding the impact of building can be a significant barrier to any housing efforts.   In this episode, we're diving straight into the heart of the matter with Erin Morrow, Director of Products for Ratio.City, a Division of Esri Canada. Join us as we explore how Ratio.City, a recent addition to the Esri Canada family, is revolutionizing urban planning and development. Learn how this user-friendly platform is empowering non-GIS users to make a difference in designing cities for the future. Stay tuned for insights that could reshape the way you approach urban challenges. 

Guest: Erin Morrow, Director of Products for Ratio.City, a division of Esri Canada (LinkedIn)  

GeoGeeks [20:24]  

Rotation of Esri Canada panelists share what's new in ArcGIS technology.   

ArcGIS Pro 3.3 launched  this month and our ArcGIS Pro GeoGeek, Alison O’Brien, is here to give us the scoop on what’s coming from her work in the beta testing. Join us as we discuss flood simulation, presentations and more.   

Guest: Alison O’Brien, ArcGIS Support Consultant at Esri Canada (LinkedIn)  

M versus M [28:18]     

Our hosts quiz each other about all things ArcGIS and GIS.   

Maggie takes the reins for this month’s MvM as she quizzes Mark about everyone’s favourite GIS topic: projections! Will Mark be the S.A.D.D. loser yet again? Tune in to find out.  

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