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Get advanced usage reports thanks to the Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS

If you're an administrator for an ArcGIS Online Organization and you've been wanting to get detailed usage reports then this post is for you. There's a new tool that makes it easy to get quick and meaningful visual reports on your organization's usage. Find out more in this post.

As ArcGIS Online evolves and becomes more sophisticated, administrators for ArcGIS Online Organizations often need more advanced reporting capabilities than those currently available in ArcGIS Online. To satisfy this need, Esri Labs has developed the Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS.

This free application makes it really easy for administrators to get quick and meaningful visual reports regarding their organizations usage. Currently the application offers reports based on items, users and groups. Below are some examples of the types of reports you can get from the Activity Dashboard:

  • Credit usage by user
  • Site login information
  • Detailed credit consumption reports
  • Top contributors
  • Detailed usage reports by user

These reports can help administrators get a better understanding of their organization's usage and credit consumption patterns. Also, this application is free and does not consume any credits. So, if you are an administrator and you love usage reports and graphs you can get the application via the ArcGIS Marketplace.

If you have ideas for reports that are currently not included in the dashboard, you can send comments to the Esri Labs team via the feedback icon at the bottom of the Activity Dashboard page.

Detailed usage reports via the Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS

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Jonathan Nowlan is a Senior Support Consultant for Esri Canada. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Mount Allison University and a GIS Application Specialist diploma from Fleming College. With over 12 years of experience in GIS, Jonathan has expertise in ArcGIS for Desktop and Extensions, ArcGIS Online and ArcPad. Aside from offering support to Esri Canada clients, he also occasionally instructs Esri Canada training courses and contributes technical articles for the Esri Canada Web site and publications. Jonathan also serves as a mentor to participants of Esri Canada’s GIS Associate Program. Jonathan is fully bilingual in French and English.

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