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Season 1 | Episode 12: The ArcGIS Pro-tege Becomes the Master

Season 1 | Episode 12: The ArcGIS Pro-tege Becomes the Master

ArcMap has entered mature support.  We’ll discuss what this means to you as the retirement of ArcGIS Desktop approaches. Then our newest GeoGeek gives us the lowdown on what’s new in the latest release of ArcGIS Online. 

What's Making Us Mappy [2:50]  

Our hosts share one cool thing that is catching their eye in the world of ArcGIS. 

Mark shamelessly plugs some GeoSnaps he’s been working on. It’s a five-part series walking through the workflow of editing related records in the Map Viewer for ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. This is a game changer that makes it easy to perform data collection using a simple web app.  

Maggie shouts out her love for Effects in Map Viewer. You can apply amazing cartographic effects to your map layers in a web map to make them pop! Two of Maggie’s favourite effects are Drop Shadow (which makes objects look like they’re floating) and Hue Rotate (which uses a colour wheel to transform colours).  

Inside the Arc [6:22]  

Feature interview that takes our audience inside an Esri product or capability.  

On March 1st, ArcMap entered the Mature Support phase of its product life cycle. This marks the last milestone before the upcoming retirement of ArcGIS Desktop. For ArcMap users, now is a great time to plan the transition to ArcGIS Pro

To help us understand what this all means for those who are still using ArcMap, we are joined by our good friend Erica Morra. She is the Director for Product Management at Esri Canada.   

Erica shares her insights and advice for those who are still using ArcMap and a pathway towards migrating to ArcGIS Pro. 

  • What are the latest developments in ArcMap support leading to its retirement? 

  • Is ArcGIS capable of doing everything we would have done in ArcMap? 

  • How should users with very specific workflows in ArcMap approach the transition to ArcGIS Pro? 

  • Describe how the new license model in ArcGIS Pro differs and what impact it could have on how users work with GIS? 

  • Is ArcGIS Pro the only option for replacing work done in ArcMap? 

Guest: Erica Morra, Director, Product Management with Esri Canada (LinkedIn

Don’t forget!  Mark and Honghong Li will be co-hosting a webinar on March 21st : Embracing ArcGIS Pro: Understanding Innovations and Capabilities in ArcGIS Pro 

GeoGeeks [17:57] 

Rotation of Esri Canada panelists share what's new in ArcGIS technology.  

We are thrilled to welcome our newest GeoGeek!  But he’s not a new voice to this pod.  Brandon Wheatley was one of our first guests, and now he is our resident ArcGIS Online GeoGeek.  

In this podcast, Brandon gives you a rundown of what’s new in the most recent release of ArcGIS Online in February 2024, including: 

Guest: Brandon Wheatley, Technical Solutions Specialist with Esri Canada (LinkedIn

M versus M [29:33]  

Our hosts quiz each other about all things ArcGIS and GIS. 

It’s all about size on this battle of MvM. Maggie dives deep into the pages of Wikipedia to gather information for her epic game - What’s Bigger! Simple rules: she lists two countries, and Mark needs to guess which one is bigger in area. Will he finally break his painfully long losing streak? Tune in and play along.   

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