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Season 4 | Episode 11: Planting the Seeds of Change

Season 4 | Episode 11: Planting the Seeds of Change

Grab your gardening gloves as we dig into the world of ecological restoration. In this episode of Geographical Thinking, we’ll explore innovative strategies for creating a greener, more resilient world with the insightful Heather Schibli, from Dougan & Associates. 

Heather has a wealth of knowledge and experience, including her support of the Network of Nature, a national initiative dedicated to connecting people across Canada using plants. In her conversation with host Michelle Brake, she discusses the Network of Nature's initiatives and strategies for fostering biodiversity and sustainability. 

Looking for resources on what we discussed in today’s podcast? Check them out below!  

The Network of Nature: “A national movement created to restore Canada's biodiversity by motivating, educating and empowering individuals and organizations to plant locally appropriate native species.” 

Find a Native Plant Nursery: This application allows you to search for organizations and businesses near you that specialize in native plants.  

Mini Forests: The Network of Nature provides more information about small-scale forests comprised of densely planted native shrubs and trees.  

Squiirrel: An application that helps pair people buying, selling, growing and sharing seeds.  

National Healing Forests: Healing Forests bring people together to reflect on Canada’s past and begin taking steps towards a better future together in the spirit of reconciliation. 

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