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Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro: Editing your Data

This video is a continuation of our series to get you started with working in ArcGIS Pro. In this video, we will take you through the basics of editing your data in ArcGIS Pro. We will go over setting up our environment for editing, creating new features, and modifying existing data. 1. The editing environment (0:30) 2. Editing options (1:58) 3. Customize the ribbon (5:36) 4. Configure panes for editing (8:22) 5. Create new features and related settings (9:02) 6. Editing in the Attibute Table (14:54) 7. Modifying existing features and useful tools (17:30) 7a. Delete features (19:14) 7b. Finish incomplete features with the Continue Features tool (20:20) 8. Merge multiple features into a single feature (22:28) 9. Reshape polygons (24:04) 10. Save edits (25:44) Please, refer to our resource center documentation for more information. Editing in ArcGIS Pro: Editing Options: Modify Features: Keyboard shortcuts for editing: